Are Booker T and The Rock friends?

Booker T on his relationship with The Rock Booker said that while he and The Rock weren’t close friends, there was always mutual respect between them.

Who won between The Rock and Booker T?

In the main event, The Rock defeated Booker T for the WCW Championship, after executing a Rock Bottom.

When did The Rock meets Booker T?

The Rock and Booker T Segment – Smackdown 8/9/2001 – video Dailymotion.

Is Booker T still with WWE?

The former King Booker previously revealed back in 2019 that he was under contract with WWE until 2029 and that appears to still be the case. The former world champion is currently in his second run with WWE, having previously performed for Vince McMahon’s organisation from 2001 until 2007 after the collapse of WCW.

Who won Unforgiven 2001?

Christian attempted a One man con chair to but Edge avoided the move and attempted the same move on Christian but the referee stopped Edge. Christian took advantage and attacked Edge with a low blow, pinning him to win the title.

How tall is Booker T the wrestler?

6′ 3″Booker T / Height

When did Jericho win both titles?

On December 9th 2001, Chris Jericho was crowned the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion at Vengeance, but even the man himself remembers a night of mixed emotions.

When did Steve Austin return in 2000?

This event also marked the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin after a ten-month absence, with the exception of his appearances at Backlash as well as Raw is War and SmackDown!…Unforgiven (2000)

Date September 24, 2000
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue First Union Center
Attendance 18,092

How old is RVD?

51 years (December 18, 1970)Rob Van Dam / Age

Who has beat Stone Cold?

Wrestlemania XV: Austin defeats The Rock for the WWE Championship. Wrestlemania X-Seven: Austin defeats The Rock for the WWE Championship. Wrestlemania XIX: The Rock defeats Stone Cold in his last WWE match.

How did Chris Jericho becomes undisputed champion?

For those unaware of the circumstances, Jericho had to win two matches that night to become the champion. First, he defeated The Rock to win the WCW Championship, and then he defeated Steve Austin to become WWF Champion, unifying both belts.