Are brodix heads any good?

Usually, big performance heads give up a little downstairs for midrange and top-end improvements, but in this case, Brodix proved superior at every lift point on both the intake and exhaust sides, from off the seat through 0.800-inch lift.

What degree are brodix heads?

The BRODIX 18 C cylinder head has an 18° valve angle that works well on dirt late model or serious drag racing applications. This head has special valve centerlines and dowel location requiring special components.

How do you identify a brodix head?

The stamping is usually located on the end of the casting above the accessory bolt area just below the valve cover rail. We have stamped some heads on the exhaust side of the head as well. The numbering system only identifies the casting model and the year the head was made.

Where is brodix located?

Mena, AR
Company Description: Brodix, Inc. is located in Mena, AR, United States and is part of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry.

Who owns Brodixheads?

50 years later, BRODIX continues to be family owned and operated with J.V. and Paula Brotherton’s children (Jeff, Greg, and Jennifer) now leading the business. Although the world and racing are ever-changing, they stand strong with their devotion to making high quality products that result in outstanding achievements.

How do I know what Cylinder Heads to buy?

There are many factors involved in choosing the optimum cylinder heads for a specific application, including:

  1. Engine displacement.
  2. Type of vehicle.
  3. Intended use.
  4. Desired compression ratio.
  5. Gear size.
  6. Other performance modifications.

What is the difference between 18 and 23 degree heads?

The 18 degree heads are also taller than their 23 degree cousins, and require longer valves and special head studs. Eighteen degree pistons with domes and valve reliefs matched to the combustion chamber shape and valve locations are needed.

Where are profiler heads made?

the USA
Summit Racing carries a variety of high-performance Profiler heads, intake manifolds, and valve covers for both Ford and Chevy applications—precision-engineered parts made in the USA and designed to deliver more power and better performance to your ride.

How can you tell if a head is aluminum?

Aluminum. First, check to see if the heads are made from cast iron or aluminum. Iron heads will attract a magnet, aluminum heads will not.

Are BRODIX heads aluminum?

From innovative design to precision manufacturing… BRODIX is serious about quality and workmanship at every step of the process. We manufacture and sell more aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads than anyone else in the business. No matter how large or small your racing operation is, we are glad to be a part of it.

Are brodix heads aluminum?

Which SBC heads are best?

Peak Torque and Horsepower

Cylinder Head Peak Horsepower Peak Torque
Dart 419 at 6,200 rpm 417 at 4,200 rpm (2)
Jeg’s 408 at 5,900 rpm 421 at 4,300 rpm (1)
Summit 405 at 5,900 rpm 416 at 4,400 rpm (4)
Edelbrock 395 at 5,900 rpm 409 at 4,200 rpm (5)