Are Chinese Vacuum tubes any good?

Modern Chinese Vacuum Tube Amps can be very good but are restricted by the cheap mass market valves that are produced purely for consistency and cost restraints. Chinese Tubes such as 6J1, for instance are a direct copy and hence a direct equivalent of Russian 6J1P etc, etc.

Where are JJ tubes made?

JJ Electronic, s.r.o is a Slovak electronic component manufacturer, and one of the world’s remaining producers of vacuum tubes. They are based in Čadca, in the Kysuce region of Slovakia. Most of the products that JJ offers are audio receiving tubes. These vacuum tubes are mainly used for guitar and hi-fi amplifiers.

Where are tad tubes made?

All tube quality control and processing is done at the TAD plant in Germany. Every single tube has passed our listening test to ensure the finest selection of best premium quality tubes available on the market to support your music.

Are NOS tubes more reliable?

tubes, manufactured by the likes of Sylvania, Tung-Sol and Mullard, are almost always an assurance that the N.O.S. tube will exhibit superior performance in terms of reliability, longevity and noise over a modern tube.

Are Psvane tubes good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Psvane 12AX7-T sound and look excellent!! The PSsvane 12AX7-T matched pair sounded excellent right out of the box, as they burn in I hear they will sound even better, the sound stage and balance on these tubes is so precise that I will get another pair for my other tube amplifier, I bi-amp.

Why are some vacuum tubes so expensive?

Because they are made with parts that are hard to make and in low demand. Tubes and transformers and high voltage capacitors are the heart of any tube gear, and all of these things are expensive in 2018 because no one needs them anymore.

Are JJ Electronics tubes any good?

JJ EL34 tubes are very reliable and sound good too, but be careful to get EL34 tubes and not E34L tubes unless your amp was specifically designed for them. Tung Sols are good but a bit more expensive.

Are JJ vacuum tubes any good?

They’re inexpensive and reliable. The tone is what I would call “neutral” – not too warm, not too bright, not to hot, not too mellow – tubes that do their job and don’t call attention to themselves. If you like your amp and your guitar, just put these in and play.

How long do NOS tubes last?

Their lifespan is determined by the type of power amp circuit they are utilised in—the power rating and circuit topology (push-pull or single-ended)—but somewhere between 1000 to 2000 hours is a reasonable estimate. N.O.S.