Are Crayola twistable crayons refillable?

Refills are not currently available for Crayola Twistables products.

Are twistable crayons washable?

Nowadays, Crayola makes crayons that are twistable, erasable and washable.

Are Crayola Twistables good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful results possible with these unique pencils! I have really enjoyed using these Crayola Twistable “Pencils”. They are like a cross between a fine point crayon, and a traditional pencil – a new coloring experience!

What is the biggest pack of Crayola?

The 120 count box includes all the standard colors. The 120 count box can generally be found at WalMart and Target, or for your convenience, it may be available for purchase online at

Can you recycle Twistables?

We CAN recycle the plastic outer case of Twistable colouring pencils as long as there is no crayon inside the tube.

What are twistable crayons?

Crayola Twistables Crayons never need sharpening or wrapper peeling! Just give a twist to keep the color coming! Each crayon is encased in a durable plastic barrel that resists breaking. This pack includes 8 Twistables Crayons in assorted colors.

When did Crayola Twistables come out?

The Crayola twistables were introduced in 1998 and are still around today.

Do twistable crayons melt?

Crayola Twistable Crayons They don’t break, need to be sharpened or melt in a hot car.

What is the most popular crayon color?

Blue was voted the most popular CRAYOLA Crayon color. Rounding the top ten were red, violet, green, carnation pink, black, turquoise blue, blue green, periwinkle and magenta. In 2000, we did another Crayola Color Census, and blue again reigns as number one!

How many colors Crayola have?

120 Crayola
You can view the 120 Crayola Crayon colors we currently produce by visiting the Explore Color section of our website,

Do Twistable Crayons melt?

What are Twistable Crayons made of?

Twistables Crayons are the classic twistable crayons – just wax-based crayons surrounded by a plastic barrel.