Are John Deere skid steers any good?

John Deere skid loaders (or skid-steer loaders) are some of the best in the business, and for good reason. These mainstays of the construction field offer incredible power in a small body, which in turn allows for greater maneuverability in tight spaces.

How many hours do John Deere skid steers last?

Some experts say the average lifespan of a skid steer is 5,000 hours. Keep in mind that how long your skid steer lasts depends on several different things, including: Whether you purchased the equipment in new or used condition. The type and difficulty of the work you are using the skid steer for.

How much are skid steers worth?

Summary: Average Bobcat Skid Steer Prices. The average price for a new Bobcat skid steer is anywhere from $25,000 to $65,000, depending on size, specs, and features. Used Bobcats average between $5,000 and $30,000. Rentals range from $450 per week to $1,300.

Who builds John Deere skid?

New Holland did make the JD skid steers for some time, that is why you see a similar arm design between the two.

Who makes John Deere skid?

John Deere Construction Equipment Co. The 644H four-wheel drive wheel loader manufactured by John Deere Construction Equipment Co., Davenport, Iowa, is a replacement for the 644G loader.

Is 5000 hours a lot for a skid steer?

It all depends on maintenance. I can get ours to 5000 hours without much trouble at all and then little things seem to start popping up. But I’ve seen 5000 hour machines that look like 10,000 hour machines. Hour meters get replaced occasionally too, so you really need to look at condition over hours.

What is the number one selling skid steer?

In terms of popularity among the ten brands, Bobcat is the most popular capturing more than 30% of the overall resale channel market share, with Caterpillar and Deere rounding out the top three.

Why are used skid steers so expensive?

But why are skid steers so expensive? The versatile design and the working efficiency make them expensive, even if used one.

Where are John Deere skid steers manufactured?

Did New Holland build John Deere skid steers?

Where can I find John Deere skid steer loaders for sale?

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What do you put in a John Deere skid steer?

I have a John deere skid steer. Joystick. Comes with bucket and forks. Just put 6k into it. Motor tune up. All filters. New hydraulic lines. And a new wiring harness throughout the machines exterio…See More Details.

Where can I find John Deere equipment for sale?

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How far away is the John Deere 329d track skid steer?

225.1 miles away – CHAMBERSBURG, PA John Deere 329D track-skidsteer, 1232 hours, cab, heat, air, Power quick-tach bucket, Pilot controls, Rear weight kit, READY TO GO TO WORK!!!!!!! View Details Dealer Info TURKEYFOOT EQUIPMENT