Are spiny eels freshwater?

spiny eel, any of two groups of fishes, those of the freshwater family Mastacembelidae (order Perciformes) and of the deep-sea family Notacanthidae (order Notacanthiformes). Members of both groups are elongated and eel-like but are not related to true eels.

Are spiny eels freshwater or saltwater?

The eels spend a portion of their life there, in brackish to freshwater. This relocation is only temporary though – they remain marine in nature and need the salinity….6. Half-banded spiny eel (Macrognathus circumcinctus)

Water temperature: 73 to 82 °F (~23 to ~28 °C)
pH: 6.8 to 7.5
Water Hardness: 5 to 15 gH

What size tank does a spiny eel need?

They should be kept in tanks not smaller than 60 l (15 gallons). If they are supposed to share their tank with a few other inhabitants, a 120 l (30 gallons) tank should be the minimum. If you want to keep more than two, add about 15 gallons per additional Spiny Eel because of their sometimes territorial behaviour.

How do you take care of a spiny eel?

It is advisable to keep them in a tank that is at least 36 inches long and about 35 gallons. These fish require pristine water. They do best in a soft to medium water with good water movement that provides plenty of oxygenation. The tank water should turnover at least 10-15 times per hour.

How big do half banded Spiny eels get?

8 inches
The maximum size for this handsome fish is just under 8 inches. Juveniles up to about 3 inches in length can be kept in about 10 gallons, but larger specimens will need a bigger area. Adults will need a tank that is 36 inches in length and about 35 gallons.

What size tank does a fire eel need?

Fire eels need lots of room. “You should consider a minimum 75-gallon fish aquarium to successfully keep this species,” Virata says, “with a 120-gallon tank as the best option since these fish can grow very large.”

Can eels live in freshwater?

Eels are bottom dwellers. They hide in burrows, tubes, snags, masses of plants, other types of shelters. They are found in a variety of habitats including streams, rivers, and muddy or silt-bottomed lakes during their freshwater stage, as well as oceanic waters, coastal bays and estuaries.

Are there fresh water eels?

Most freshwater eels are catadromous, that means they live in freshwater and migrate downstream to spawn in the ocean. Young eels live in the ocean or in estuaries until they are around a year old. One-year-old eels are called elvers.

Can eels go with goldfish?

#7. They’re large eel-like fish that swim around, keeping the bottom of the aquarium clean. They’re compatible with goldfish thanks to their docile nature and water parameter needs.

How do you breed a spiny eel?

Breeding of spotted spiny eel by hormone injection following by natural spawning and artificial fertilization was carried out by injection female broodstock with suprefact at the first injection of 5, 10, 15 20 and 25 micro g/kg plus motilium at 10 mg/kg and the second injection of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 micro g/kg plus …

How big do spiny eels grow?

The body of the Half-banded Spiny Eel is elongated with a pointed snout. Both the dorsal and anal fins are extended back to the caudal fin, which is very small. These fish will grow up to almost 8 inches (20 cm) and generally have a life span of 5 – 10 years, though they may live up to 15 years when given proper care.

What do half banded eels eat?

The Half-banded Spiny Eels are carnivores. Like all spiny eels they prefer a diet of live and fresh frozen foods such as brine shrimp, black worms, earthworms or bloodworms. It might be trained to accept freeze dried alternatives although this is not always certain.