Are the Red Wing Iron Ranger 8111 boots worth the break-in?

But in short: there’s a chance that the break-in will not prove the most fun, but all good things are worth a little work. [Side note: This review is, once again, for the Red Wing Iron Ranger 8111 boot in amber harness leather.

What is an iron ranger boot?

The Iron Ranger was originally built for iron miners in the 1930s. In the decades since, it has grown indispensable for owners from all walks of life thanks to its iconic style and longevity. The six-inch boot’s signature feature is a leather toe cap that is as distinctive as it is durable.

How much do Iron Rangers soles cost?

Mine have the old nitrile cork sole; Red Wing moved all Iron Rangers onto Vibram 430 mini-lug soles a few years back. Price: $ 330 . Worn How Often?:

What is the most popular Red Wing heritage boot?

The Iron Ranger reigns as the most popular boot in Red Wing’s Heritage line, and it’s easy to see why. The Red Wing Iron Ranger is a boot’s boot.

What are the colors of Red Wing Iron Rangers?

Red Wing Iron Ranger Colors: 1 Hawthorne (Style 8083) 2 Black (Style 8084) 3 Copper Rough (Style 8085) 4 Charcoal (Style 8086) 5 Amber (Style 8111) 6 Oxblood (Style 8119)

What makes Iron Rangers so durable?

With thick, oil-tanned leather and triple-stitched wax threads, Iron Rangers are extremely durable. The distinctive toe cap, designed for mobility and comfort, is part of the boot’s signature look and the pristine leather is perhaps one of the most appealing parts of the shoe.

How much do iron ranger boots cost?

These boots become more fitted over time with leather insoles and cork midsole designed to morph to your foot. Iron Rangers are not cheap. A new pair will run you a couple hundred dollars. These boots should be treated as an investment rather than an impulse buy.