Are there trans Pacific cruises?

As the name suggests, Transpacific cruises sail throughout the world’s largest body of water, the Pacific Ocean. Most cross over the International Dateline – the invisible line that marks where the day begins – and stop at a few ports in places like Hong Kong, Easter Island, Bora Bora, and Hawaii.

How long does a Transpacific cruise take?

twelve to sixteen nights
How long does a transatlantic cruise take? Due to its long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, transatlantic cruises are usually one of the longest cruises you can take, with itineraries that can last anywhere from twelve to sixteen nights, including at least six nights sailing across the ocean.

Which Cruise Line sails to Hawaii?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers the only year-round Hawaiian cruise to sail to Hawaii’s 4 largest islands — all in a single week. All of which makes Norwegian’s Pride of America the most convenient choice for travelers with limited vacation time.

Where does a transatlantic cruise go?

You can go further than you ever thought possible on a transatlantic cruise, crossing the waves between the U.S. and Europe. Departing from Florida, Barcelona, Southampton and Copenhagen, these cruises include both tropical and cultural island stops, in ports such as the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Greenland and Iceland.

What is the best time of year for a transatlantic cruise?

Insider Tip: The best time for a transatlantic cruise is between April and December. Early and later crossings can mean unpredictable weather, and you’ll want to consider that spring and fall can be foggy.

How do repositioning cruises work?

Repositioning cruises are one-way cruises, with paying passengers, that are used to move of cruise ship from one region to another. When the seasons change, the cruise lines have a need to move their fleet of cruise ships based upon the seasonal changes in demand.

Is transatlantic cruise rough?

Issues: Ocean crossings always encounter the roughest waters because there are no nearby landmasses to provide shelter. Avoid: The winter months are the most intense, with transatlantic cruises hitting very rough seas from November through February, and Pacific cruises from February through April.

What is the difference between an ocean liner and cruise ship?

Ocean Liners are designed to undertake a line voyage, between point A and point B across a large expanse of open ocean (such as the transatlantic crossing between North America and Europe). Cruise Ships are typically designed to undertake pleasure voyages, closer to the coast, sailing between ports.

What is the best month to cruise to Hawaii?

Families with school-age children are likely to time their Hawaiian vacation during spring break or when school’s out for the summer, so the best time to cruise to Hawaii and share the island with minimal crowds is during the month of September.

What cruise line goes to Hawaii in the summer?

Norwegian Cruise Line
Cruises Available: Norwegian Cruise Line is the only major line sailing in the summer, with Pride of America.

What is the best month for a transatlantic cruise?

What is the best time of year to sail across Atlantic Ocean?

The usual advice is to get south as early as possible, as an easier passage will be had in September rather than leaving it until November or December. If crossing the Bay of Biscay, once into September the likelihood of gales increases, as does the probability of south-westerly winds.