Can view be indexed in Oracle?

Oracle SQL standards do not support creating indexes on views. If you need to index documents whose contents are in different tables, you can create a data storage preference using the USER_DATASTORE object.

How do I view indexes in SQL Developer?

To view indexes:

  1. In the Connections navigator in SQL Developer, navigate to the Indexes node for the schema that includes the index you want to view. If the index is in your own schema, navigate to the Indexes node in your schema.
  2. Open the Indexes node.
  3. Click the name of the index you want to view.

What is decode in Oracle SQL?

DECODE compares expr to each search value one by one. If expr is equal to a search , then Oracle Database returns the corresponding result . If no match is found, then Oracle returns default . If default is omitted, then Oracle returns null.

What is decode in SQL query?

DECODE compares the expression to each search value one by one. If expression is equal to a search, then the corresponding result is returned by the Oracle Database. If a match is not found, then default is returned. If default is omitted, then Oracle returns null.

Can you index a SQL view?

Indexes can only be created on views which have the same owner as the referenced table or tables. This is also called an intact ownership-chain between the view and the table(s). Typically, when table and view reside within the same schema, the same schema-owner applies to all objects within the schema.

What are Oracle indexed views?

Understanding Indexed Views Views are virtual tables whose contents are defined by a query. The query may reference tables and views from one or more databases. Microsoft SQL server provides indexed views to optimize the performance of your database.

How do I get a list of indexes in SQL Server?

The methods include using system stored procedure sp_helpindex, system catalog views like sys….Find Indexes On A Table In SQL Server

  1. Find Indexes on a Table Using SP_HELPINDEX. sp_helpindex is a system stored procedure which lists the information of all the indexes on a table or view.
  2. Using SYS.INDEXES.
  3. Using SYS.

What is decode and example?

To decode is to take out of code and put into understandable language. (Its opposite is encode, “to put into coded form”.) But dreams may sometimes also be decoded; psychologists often try to decode the images of their patients’ dreams so as to understand the emotions behind them.

How do I decode a value in SQL query?

The basic syntax for writing DECODE function in SQL is as follows: DECODE (expression , search_1, result_1[, search_2, result_2].,[,search_n,result_n] [, default]); The parameters used in the above mentioned syntax are: expression: expression argument is the value which is to be searched and compared with.

Can I index a view?

You create an index on a view for the same reason as on a base table: to improve the performance of queries against that view. Another reason for doing it is to implement some uniqueness constraint you can’t implement against base tables. SQL Server unfortunately doesn’t allow constraints to be created on views.