Can you buy a turtle in NSW?

1. Which species of reptiles can I own? You can keep some native dragons, geckos, lizards, snakes and turtles as pets. However, under NSW law, you may only own native reptiles bred in captivity which have been bought from a licenced breeder or dealer.

What turtles are legal in Australia?

There are 4x main species of Australian turtle you can keep under a Native Animal Keeping Licence….What Turtle Species Can Be Kept As Pets?

  • Kreft’s Turtle (Emydura kreftii)
  • Murray River Turtle (Emydura macquarii)
  • Saw-shelled Turtle (Elesya latisternum)
  • Long-necked Turtle (Chelodonia longicollis)

Are Murray River turtles good pets?

The Murray short necked turtle is the most common to have as a pet. They can grow up to 30cm and live a long life. Turtles are a high maintenance pet and aren’t suitable for children. All Australian turtles are protected, so a license is required for having one.

Can you buy pet turtles in Australia?

In Australia, you are not allowed by law to catch any animal from the wild and make it a pet. To have a pet turtle you have to go to a pet shop that specialises in pets such as these. They will tell you if you need a licence to keep the kind of turtle you choose, and if so, they will tell you how to get one.

Do you need a licence to keep a turtle in NSW?

To keep native mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians as pets, you’ll need a native animal keeper licence. This licence covers over 300 types of native animals listed on the NSW Native Animal Keepers’ Species List as class 1 or basic: amphibian class A1.

How much is it for a pet turtle?


Painted Turtle: $20-40
Box Turtle: $25-50
Red-Eared Slider: $10-30
Common Wood Turtle: $20-100

What do you do if you find a turtle in NSW?

If you find an injured lizard or turtle, please call WIRES Rescue Line 1300 094 737 or fill in the Rescue Form for assistance.

Can I keep a turtle I found outside?

Keep wild turtles safe Generally, wild turtles should be left where they are found. However, sometimes they end up on a road or in another unsafe place. If you find a turtle in the road, it’s usually best to just help them across safely and release them in the direction that they were going.

Do pet turtles get lonely?

Do turtles get lonely? No, turtles are not social animals and as a result, they don’t get lonely. Turtles actually prefer to be alone, and not in the company of other turtles or animals.

What is the lifespan of a Murray turtle?

Lifespan. The lifespan of many of our reptiles has not been studied in great detail, freshwater turtles are considered to live up to 50 years.

What is the best turtle for a pet Australia?

The main species of turtles kept as pets in Australia are the long-necked turtles such as the Eastern Long-neck Turtle, Chelodina longicollis (one of the easiest turtles to keep) and the short-necked turtles such as Murray River Turtle, Emydura macquarii macquarii.

How do I get a pet turtle?

If you’re interested in buying a turtle, you’ll need to determine what kind you want. The many species require different living environments. Rather than buying from a pet store, adopting a turtle from a local animal shelter or rescue group is the best option.

Can I buy a turtle in Australia?

Turtles that you will not find available to buy or for sale in Australia include Box Turtles, Red Eared Slider Turtles and Tortoises. In Australia it is against the law to keep exotic reptiles (non native to Australia). This is to ensure the protection and safety of our amazing native species of reptiles.

What kind of turtles does Kellyville Pets have?

Kellyville Pets has a range of turtles available in store including: Eastern Long Neck Turtle (Chelodina longicollis) and Murray Short Neck Turtle (Emydura macquarii). Kellyville Pets is also home to one of the only Albino Murray Short Neck turtles in the world.

How much does a saw shell turtle cost?

Still have some of last seasons sawshells for sale. 50cent size and up. $80 each or 2 for $140. Can freight to most of nsw Have baby short neck turtles and one-year-old long neck turtles all $95 each also have all the food and accessories, enclosures if needed New South […]

Are baby Terrapins legal in Australia?

Baby Terrapins have never… We have a large range of baby turtles for sale Melbourne Victoria.We stock a large range of Australian Turtles. Our most common phone call is do you have baby terrapins for sale. Baby Terrapins have never been legal in Australia…