Can you cure a zombie villager with an enchanted golden apple?

Curing zombie villagers A golden apple and a potion of weakness can be used to convert a zombie villager into a regular villager.

What does Enchanted golden apple do?

Enchanted golden apples can be used to improve the chances of taming a horse by 10%, for breeding horses and for speeding up the growth of baby horses by 4 minutes.

Why are enchanted golden apples Uncraftable?

Note: Enchanted apples are no longer craftable in any version of Minecraft as of 1.9 besides the “Legacy Console Edition”. The enchanted apple was one of the hardest items to craft, as it required a large quantity of gold.

Who has the most enchanted golden apples in Minecraft?

As bastions have the highest chance of having an enchanted golden apple, they are the best place to look for one. However, players should note that only the treasure chests of bastions can have an enchanted golden apple. Treasure chests can be found in the treasure rooms.

Do villagers sell golden apples?

The Farmer Villager can trade in mostly kind of food except for Enchanted Golden Apples.

Do villagers heal?

Villager. Villagers gain 10 seconds of regeneration when new trades are unlocked. Additionally in Bedrock Edition, villagers recover health when waking up from bed every morning.

What is a god apple in Minecraft?

The Enchanted Golden Apple, also known as the God Apple, GApple, Notch Apple or Super Apple, is a type of Golden Apple that cannot be used to cure Zombie Villagers. Prior to the removal of this crafting recipe in 1.9, one could craft an Enchanted Golden Apple by putting eight Gold Blocks around an Apple.

What is the best way to get enchanted golden apples?

They can only be found in the following locations:

  1. Dungeon Chest (3.1% chance)
  2. Mineshaft Chest (1.4% chance)
  3. Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest (6.5% chance)
  4. Desert Temple Chest (2.6% chance)
  5. Ruined Portal Chest (1.5% chance)
  6. Woodland Mansion Chest (3.1% chance)

Why was enchanted apple recipe removed?

After Minecraft 1.9, this recipe was removed, probably because it was rather OP, and gold blocks could be easily obtained by a gold farm. If you want more “Notch” apples, you may have to downgrade Minecraft to 1.8, and come back to 1.16 or whatever version you are using.

Can you craft a notch apple?

How rare is a god apple?

Obtaining an Enchanted Golden Apple is extremely difficult. They can only be found in the following locations: Dungeon Chest (3.1% chance) Mineshaft Chest (1.4% chance)

Can you farm golden apples?

Farming. Golden apples can be farmed, but it’s often a tedious process. Apples only drop from decaying or destroyed leaves of oak trees.