Can you cut a kitchen worktop with a router?

Set the depth of the cutter to 5-8mm and when the router is at full speed start to cut worktop to length by sliding the router along the straight edge. Make several passes getting deeper each time until all the way through.

What router bit to cut worktops?

This good quality 1/2″ TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) router cutter can be used to cut through solid wood worktops with ease – when using a worktop jig and 1/2″ router – and comes with a twin flute that allows for smooth and efficient cutting.

Can I cut worktop with a 1/4 router?

The reasons for using a 1/2in router is that a 1/4in router with a 2in long cutter on it would possibly stall (not enough power) or the cutter neck might shear (break) under the stress of cutting. If you only need it for one top, hire in a router or get a fitter to come in and do the joint(s) for you.

What is the best tool to cut a worktop with?

circular saw
A circular saw is often the best option to cut laminate worktops. Make sure the blade is sharp (replace the blade if you have been using it for a while) and suitable for fine cuts—it should cut through the worktop without any issue.

Can I cut a worktop with a jigsaw?

Cutting a laminate countertop with a jigsaw is one of the few ways to deal with this challenging material. Laminate countertops come with a brittle laminated layer that can easily crack or chip if mishandled, and that is backed by a thick particle board or plywood underlayment.

How do you cut a worktop without removing it?

I’ve had to do this for the occasional customer and found the way to do it without the expense of additional jigsaw blades is to score a line with a laminate blade in your trimming knife, cut as far as you can with your downward blade and finish of with a razor sharp 1.1/2 chisel, being careful not to stick it in the …

Can you cut a worktop with a jigsaw?

The Bosch T101BR jigsaw blade is an ideal choice for cutting laminate materials. The blade cuts on the down stroke, not on the upstroke, the “R” in the product code referring to its “reversed” teeth. This is a popular blade often referred to as a worktop blade.

What size router do I need for worktops?

I’ve got a 1/4″ router ( this one) and am wanting to cut a mitre using a jig to join worktops. The worktops are 38mm laminate. Most advice on the internet is that to cut worktops, you need a 1/2″ router.

How do you trim a worktop edging with a router?

Turn the router on. Place the router base flat against the laminate surface. Hold the router firmly against the edge of the cabinet, and move it against the bit’s direction of travel. Trim the entire edge with one continuous cut.

How do you cut worktops already fitted?