Can you get a marriage license online in SC?

South Carolina marriage licenses are valid anywhere throughout the state, meaning you can apply via any county in the state. Depending on the county, you can apply either online or in person.

How fast can I get a marriage license in SC?

South Carolina statute requires a twenty-four (24) hour waiting period after applying before the marriage license may be issued. The license cannot and will not be issued less than twenty-four (24) hours from the time of application (NO EXCEPTIONS).

How do I apply for a marriage license in SC?

Requirements For A Marriage License In South Carolina:

  1. Valid driver’s license.
  2. Original birth certificate or a certified copy of the birth certificate.
  3. Valid state identification card issued by the state Highway Department.
  4. Current military identification card.
  5. Current passport.

Can a notary marry someone in SC?

Notaries can perform a wedding ceremony if you live in the states of Florida, Maine, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Montana.

Do you have to have a witness to get married in South Carolina?

Witnesses: South Carolina does not require a witness to the marriage.

Do you need a blood test to get married in SC?

No blood test or physical exam is required. South Carolina residency is not required. A South Carolina license can be used in any county in the state. If recently divorced, legal proof of the divorce may be needed.

How much is a marriage license in SC?

A South Carolina marriage license costs between $30 and $100. The fee varies by county and residency. Most applicants pay about $50.

Who can legally marry a couple in South Carolina?

There’s ONE single little rule pertaining to who can perform a marriage ceremony in South Carolina: All you have to do is be ordained as a “minister of the Gospel***”, which can be completely non-denominational.

What is a virtual wedding?

What is a virtual wedding? A virtual wedding is a wedding where the officiant, guests, and couple are joined together by a video call. Having your wedding ceremony virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have the extras like a venue, decor, flowers, live musician and more!

How do I file probate in Richland County SC?

After you are married, you are responsible for returning the signed copies labeled PROBATE JUDGE and PROBATE JUDGE/DHEC COPY to the Richland County Probate Court for filing to Richland County Probate Court, Attention Marriage License Division, PO Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202.

How do I get a copy of my South Carolina marriage license?

If you need a certified copy of your Marriage License after you are married and the license has been filed with the Probate Court, use the link Marriage License Inquiry to search your names and request your certified copy (s). PROVIDING FALSE INFORMATION ON YOUR APPLICATION OR PROVIDING FALSE DOCUMENTS IN YOUR UPLOAD IS PUNISHABLE UNDER SC LAW.

Can I apply for a marriage license online?

We have implemented a new online system to allow us to process your Marriage License Application without you having to appear in person. As this is NEW, there will be reasons for patience.

How long does it take to get a marriage license?

Processing the Marriage License – Your license will be processed within 48 hours of the complete application and complete upload of documents. We do not process applications after 5:00P.M., before 8:30A.M., on Saturday or Sunday, or on county holidays.