Can you put a tent on top of a Jeep?

Yes you can. As long as your roof rack is secured, a rooftop tent can be attached to your soft top Jeep. Rooftop tents are pretty user-friendly when it comes to installing them on cars. They will go on just about any vehicle type as long as you have a secured roof rack.

Does Jeep make tents?

With the same rugged durability as Jeep vehicles, Jeep’s line of tents and sleeping bags provide exceptional reliability and ruggedness for when you’re out and roughing it.

Can you camp in a Jeep Wrangler?

One of the most common off-road uses for the Jeep Wrangler is camping. Whether it’s out in the woods or on the lakefront, the Wrangler is the ideal camper SUV for a number of reasons.

Can you sleep inside a Jeep Wrangler?

There are countless ways that Jeep owners have upgraded their Wranglers for camping or tiny living. In a four-door Jeep, there is plenty of room to sleep when you lay the rear seats flat. Some Jeep owners have even built DIY camping setups that elevate their sleeping space while allowing for storage underneath.

How much does a 4 door Jeep Wrangler soft top weigh?

Hard vs. Soft Tops

Hard Top Soft Top
2nd Gen Jeep Wrangler (TJ) 2.5 L 5MT: 3,097 lbs (1,405 Kg) 4.0 L 5MT: 3,241 lbs (1,470 Kg) 4.0 L 3AT: 3,241 lbs (1,470 Kg) 2.5 L 5MT: 3,097 lbs (1,405 Kg) 4.0 L 5MT: 3,241 lbs (1,470 Kg) 4.0 L 3AT: 3,241 lbs (1,470 Kg) 2.4 L 5MT: 3,274 lbs (1,485 Kg)

Can you sleep in a Jku?

I’m 6″2′, and I can sleep lengthwise in the back of my JKU, as long as I move the two front seats all the way forward, and tilt them all the way forward. The bigger problem is that even after you’ve folded the back seat, it’s not completely flat, and it makes for some very uncomfortable sleeping.

How do you attach a roof top tent to one person?


  1. Position the tent under the hoist and securely wrap heavy-duty straps.
  2. Lift the tent up with enough clearance for the vehicle.
  3. Position the vehicle under the tent.
  4. Lower the tent and secure the mounting components.