Can you see Andromeda with a small telescope?

The Andromeda Galaxy looks great through smaller telescope of, say, 4 inches in diameter. The galaxy appears as a larger, elongated oval shape with a core that shows up as a slightly brighter area.

Can you see Andromeda with a cheap telescope?

Number two is the Andromeda Galaxy. A.K.A M31, this beautiful galaxy is another naked eye object that shows up well in small telescopes.

How powerful of a telescope do you need to see the Andromeda Galaxy?

A five-inch Dobsonian telescope will (on a clear night well away from light pollution) provide enough detail to begin to make out the spiral arms, but we’ll never get the same amazing images we see from space observatories such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Can you see Andromeda with a normal telescope?

Andromeda is so bright, that it is visible to the naked eye under moonless, dark conditions. It is one of my favorite binocular targets to observe, right up there with the Orion Nebula. The visual appearance of M31 through a large telescope has mixed reviews.

Is nebula visible with a telescope?

Telescopes are wonderful! They let you peer into the vast unknown and see stars, planets, nebula and galaxies far, far away. Out in space, there are some beautiful things to see.

Can you see galaxies through a telescope?

If you want to observe galaxies — and I mean really get something out of the time you put in at the eyepiece — you have to use a telescope with an aperture of 8 inches or more. Bode’s Galaxy (M81) glows brightly enough to show up through binoculars, but the larger the telescope you can point at it, the better.

Can I see a nebula through a telescope?

Through a Telescope or Binoculars Look for a tightly packed collection of 4 stars. Unlike many of the faint deep sky nebulae in the night sky, the bright Orion Nebula offers an impressive view for backyard stargazers in the city. I often take a look at M42 using a pair of 15 x 75 binoculars.

Which telescope is used for deep space viewing?

The Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope carries a very good price for a large 8” aperture deep space telescope. With this scope, we viewed the moon, planets, and star clusters. We were able to see faint nebulas and galaxies through the telescope that we did not see with other models.

Are any galaxies visible from Earth?

From the Northern Hemisphere, the only galaxy outside our Milky Way that’s easily visible to the eye is the great galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, also known as M31.

What size telescope do I need to see galaxies?