Can you still get parts for Johnson outboards?

To date, the company doesn’t manufacture outboards in the Johnson brand any longer. However, servicing and available parts can still be found and offered by reliable companies.

How do I know what model Johnson outboard I have?

Find the serial number or code number. It will be found on the nameplate located on the outboard itself, on the mounting bracket or on the silver core plug on top of the power head. Remove the cowling by lifting the release levers found on each side or front and rear of the outboard to find the core plug.

How fast does a 70HP Johnson go?

If you have a racing boat on the lower end of the weight spectrum around 1,000 pounds, you can expect 56 miles per hour from 70 hp. In general, depending on the type of boat and its weight, expect between 18 and 56 miles per hour for 70 hp.

How much does a Johnson 70 horsepower weigh?

Approximately 75hp – 350hp….How Much Does A 70 Hp 2 Stroke Outboard Weight?

Type of Engine 2-Stroke
Weight 228.00lbs
Fuel Type Gasoline

Why did Johnson outboards go out of business?

“Our outboard engines business has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, obliging us to discontinue production of our outboard motors immediately. This business segment had already been facing some challenges and the impact from the current context has forced our hand,” said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP.

Did Johnson outboards go out of business?

Where Are Outboard Johnson Engines Manufactured? Johnson Outboard Motors shut down in 2007; they are no longer being manufactured.

Are old Johnson outboards any good?

They are very good engines. They are basically the same as the evinrude oceanPro engines produced through the 90’s. They are carbed 2 strokes that are pretty thirsty for gas and oil. However, if well maintained, they are very reliable.

How do you tell what year a Johnson outboard is?

The actual year is found in the model number, not the serial number. For example, 150TXL78 is a 150hp engine from 1978. 65ESLR72 would be from 1972. For engines prior to 1969 refer the the Johnson 1960-1979 serial number year chart located here.

How much horsepower does a 16 foot boat need?

50 to 300 horsepower
To achieve maximum efficiency, you’ll have to give it 50 to 300 horsepower. There’s a range of the required power as you take into consideration the size and usage. An aluminum boat that is 16 feet long needs to have a 60 horsepower motor. Once equipped, it can have a speed of 25 to 30 miles per hour.

How fast does a 75hp boat go?

The 75hp might be able to push the boat to 32 mph, but with the throttle jammed against the stops, that’s not possible.

Are old Johnson Outboards any good?

When did Johnson stop making 2-stroke outboards?

It has been owned since 2001 by the Canadian firm Bombardier Recreational Products. Bombardier stopped selling outboards under the Johnson brand after 2007, and moved all sales entirely to Evinrude Outboard Motors until they were discontinued in June 2020.