Did Kathie Lee have a baby?

The former Today host took to Instagram on Monday to announce that her son, Cody Gifford, 31, and his wife, Erika Brown, are expecting their first child together in June 2022.

Does Kathie Lee have grandchildren?

While she’s ecstatic to welcome her first grandchild, she says, “It isn’t about me at all,” adding: “This was about celebrating with my son and his beautiful wife and their love for one another. This is a blessing from God in His way and in His timing.”

Does Kathie Lee Gifford have a daughter?

Cassidy Erin GiffordKathie Lee Gifford / DaughterCassidy Erin Gifford is an American model and actress. She is the daughter of former American football player Frank Gifford and American television host Kathie Lee Gifford.
In 2015, she was chosen as one of Esquire magazine’s “18 Beautiful Women America Won’t Be Able to Resist This Summer.” Wikipedia

What does Cody Gifford do for a job?

Film producer
Cody Gifford/Professions

What is Ben Wierda?

He is a Project Manager Ben works as a project manager at a technologies company in Santa Monica, California. He has been working at the same company now for 2 years. He started the position in October 2017.

How old is Cody Gifford?

32 years (March 22, 1990)Cody Gifford / Age

Is Kathie Lee going to be a grandma?

Kathie Lee Gifford recently announced she’s adding the moniker of “Grandma” to her name. The Today Show alum shared news that her son, Cody, and his wife, Erika, are expecting their first child in June 2022.

Is Kathie Lee a grandma?

Kathie Lee Gifford during a June 2019 awards program in Nashville. (CNN) Kathie Lee Gifford is going to be a grandmother. The former “Today” co-host announced the news on Instagram, telling fans that her son, Cody Gifford, and his wife, Erika Brown, are expecting a baby.

Where in Michigan did Cassidy Gifford get married?

After getting engaged in the fall of 2019, Cassidy and Wierda, 31, planned to wed in Santa Barbara last June. But when the COVID-19 crisis hit the U.S. last spring, they switched gears: They drove across the country and married in a small ceremony with family in Wierda’s native Michigan.

What does Ben Wierda do for a living?

What does Cassidy Gifford do for a living?

ModelFilm actorStage actor
Cassidy Erin Gifford/Professions

How tall is Cassidy Gifford?

5′ 3″Cassidy Erin Gifford / Height