Did Nicky Hopkins play piano imagine?

# 9 – Jealous Guy Nicky Hopkins’ piano performance resonated throughout the entire song. Released on the Imagine album in 1971.

What happened to Nicky Hopkins?

Hopkins died on 6 September 1994, at the age of 50, in Nashville, Tennessee, from complications resulting from intestinal surgery related to his lifelong battle with Crohn’s disease. At the time of his death, he was working on his autobiography with Ray Coleman.

Did Nicky Hopkins play with Led Zeppelin?

Hopkins, in his mid-20s, was growing weary of being London’s go-to piano player and entertained the idea of joining a band. He rejected Jimmy Page’s invitation to become a member of the New Yardbirds (who would soon re-christen themselves Led Zeppelin) but did agree to join the Jeff Beck Group.

Who played piano on Sympathy for the Devil?

Nicky Hopkins
Nicky Hopkins’ understated, beautiful piano playing is all over some of the top classic rock songs. He plays a rollicking solo on The Beatles’ “Revolution.” He also plays in “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Angie” by the Rolling Stones, and his artistry forms the emotional base of Joe Cocker’s hit “You Are So Beautiful.”

Who plays piano on She’s a Rainbow?

The song includes rich lyricism, vibrant piano by Nicky Hopkins and Brian Jones’ use of the Mellotron.

Where is Nicky Hopkins buried?

Nicholas Christian “Nicky” Hopkins

Birth 24 Feb 1944 Perivale, London Borough of Ealing, Greater London, England
Death 6 Sep 1994 (aged 50) Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
Burial Cremated, Ashes scattered, Specifically: scattered over Radnor Lake, Nashville, Davidson, TN
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Who is Hopkins the rock?

Doug Hopkins
Birth name Douglas Owen Hopkins
Born April 11, 1961 Seattle, Washington
Died December 5, 1993 (aged 32) Tempe, Arizona
Genres Pop rock, alternative rock

Did Nicky Hopkins play with the Beatles?

Nicky Hopkins, 50, session pianist who backed the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and other groups. He also worked with the Who and was a keyboard player for the Jefferson Airplane when the group appeared at Woodstock in 1969.

Did Nicky Hopkins play with Jerry Garcia?

Music Features Jerry Garcia The Grateful Dead had been in retirement from touring for over a year when Jerry Garcia put together a hot little quartet with British piano virtuoso Nicky Hopkins, who played with The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and plenty of others.

Who plays piano Sympathy for the Devil?

Who played piano on She’s a Rainbow?

Did Nicky Hopkins record sympathy for the Devil on piano?

Here is an incredibly rare clip of Nicky Hopkins recording the original piano track on “Sympathy for the Devil”. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. Nicky Hopkins is hands-down one of the most influential pianists in rock history.

What kind of music did Nick Hopkins sing?

Hopkins recorded and performed on many British and American pop and rock music releases from the 1960s through the 1990s including many songs by The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who. Nicholas Christian Hopkins was born in Perivale, Middlesex, England, on 24 February 1944.

Is there a transcription of you are so beautiful by Nicky Hopkins?

This is a note-for-note transcription of Nicky Hopkins’ classic piano part on “You Are So Beautiful”. The chord choices in Billy Preston’s composition are beautifully lush, and the voicings that Nicky Hopkins uses are terrific – from subtle understatement to dramatically sophisticated.

What kind of piano part does Nicky Hopkins play on Loving Cup?

This is a note-for-note transcription of Nicky Hopkins’ wonderful piano part on “Loving Cup”, including his terrific octave runs, tremolos, twangs, and rockin’ rhythms- the entire song. If you’d like to play one of rock’s classics exactly as it was recorded by the legendary Nicky Hopkins, this is just what you need.