Does an opinion Need evidence?

The facts upon which an expert opinion is based must be proved by admissible evidence.

What is the difference between opinion and evidence?

The authors define evidence as “facts intended for use in support of a conclusion” and opinion as “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on facts.” The statement they present as an example of evidence—“I had prostate cancer detected by PSA screening and I am alive 10 years later”—includes two …

What is admissibility of opinion evidence?

In general, opinion evidence (even hearsay) is admissible without permission only if it is relevant and prepared by someone who is qualified to give expert evidence.

What type of evidence is expert opinion?

It allows an expert to tender evidence on a particular fact in question and to show to the court that his findings are unbiased and scientific. S. 46 of the Act states that facts, not otherwise relevant, are relevant if they support or are inconsistent with the opinion of experts when such opinions are relevant.

Can a non expert witness give an opinion?

In general, a witness is required to testify as to what he or she observes and should not give their opinion. The basic rule is that opinion is not admissible as evidence. However, the rules of evidence permit a witness to express an opinion in certain circumstances.