Does BevMo carry BuzzBallz?

Buzzballz Straberry Rum 200 Ml (200 ML) | Prepared Cocktails | BevMo.

Who is the owner of BuzzBallz?

Merrilee Kick
Our Team. BuzzBallz is a woman-owned alcohol brand founded by Merrilee Kick in 2009. Less than a year in, she hired her two sons, Andrew and Alex, to help her make and sell the BuzzBallz. Today, Merrilee and her two sons lead the charge as the business continues to grow.

Is BuzzBallz a girlfriend?

Are BuzzBallz gluten-free? Yes, all of our BuzzBallz products are gluten-free.

Are BuzzBallz considered liquor?

BuzzBallz is the groundbreaking liquor company on a mission to make premium pre-mixed cocktails portable, affordable, and fun. Founded in Texas in 2009, BuzzBallz now offers three unique brands at retailers nationwide.

How many BuzzBallz come in a pack?

BuzzBallz super fans now have a convenient way to stock up on their flavors. Now, you can purchase a case of BuzzBallz on our site. Each case has 24 BuzzBallz in a case.

How many BuzzBallz flavors are there?

The BuzzBall truly does it all with its potent 15-20% alcohol content. This self-contained mix drink is available in 11 flavors; just a variation of liquor and 100% juice.

What is BuzzBallz worth?

How A High School Teacher Turned BuzzBallz, A Single-Serve Cocktail, Into A $20 Million Business.

Where are BuzzBallz made?

About BuzzBallz Founded in Texas in 2009, BuzzBallz now offers three unique brands at retailers nationwide. Original BuzzBallz are 15-20% ABV, made from 100% juice and fine vodka, rum, or tequila, and individually packaged in unbreakable, eco-friendly plastic balls.

Is BuzzBallz vegan?

All BuzzBallz are vegan except for Chocolate Tease which has dairy.

How many shots does it take to get drunk?

How Many Shots Could Get You Drunk? An average person can get drunk after four to five shots of alcohol.

Can you drink BuzzBallz cold?

They are 15% ABV, best served chilled.

How much is BuzzBallz worth?