Does Cisco Show History command?

Use Ctrl-P or the up arrow to go up in the history list; use Ctrl-N or the down arrow to return to more recent commands in the list. To see the entire list, use show history .

What does show tech-support command do?

The show tech-support commands all display common data from commands such as show version . Each show tech-support command also generates and gathers relevant data for a specific area. This data includes trace output to collect debugging information available in the specific area of interest.

How do I get show tech output Cisco?

Cisco Switches – How to Capture “show tech-support” from CLI

  1. Telnet to switch.
  2. Set your telnet client to capture text to a file (procedure varies based on the client).
  3. Execute the following commands:
  4. Stop capture and verify that the data shows properly in the capture file; use any text editor, such as wordpad.

How do I stop show tech-support command?


  1. Press CTRL+Q. This will make the serial session to start printing output of tech-support from the same point where it was stopped due to the OS crash.
  2. Press CTRL+C. This breaks the sequence and will bring up the switch CLI prompt.
  3. Execute the “clear user” command from the SSH/Telnet session.

Which command gives the view of recently used commands in Cisco?

show history command
Which command enables you to view recently used commands? Answer A is correct; the show history command enables you to see the last 10 CLI commands (by default).

How do I collect Cisco tech support?

Open putty console or your favorite telnet/ssh client on your personal computer. Now type the ip address of the destination device, select the port, and connect to the device. Once you are connected to the device. For cisco devices, In the exec-mode of the device prompt, type “show tech-support”.

How do you get show tech support?

How to collect a show tech-support within CNOS

  1. Open PuTTY and enter the HostName (or IP address), and then select the Connection type.
  2. Click Logging under the Session tree on the left.
  3. Select Printable Output.
  4. In the Log file name field, name the file and click Browse to select a folder for it to be saved in.

How do I get show tech-support?

In the Log file name field, name the file and click Browse to select a folder for it to be saved in. Click Open and log in to the switch. Using keyboard-interactive authentication. Type enable to access user executive mode, and then type show tech-support.

How do I collect Cisco tech-support?

How do I see bash history?

The command is simply called history, but can also be accessed by looking at your . bash_history in your home folder. By default, the history command will show you the last five hundred commands you have entered.