Does Embase include Cochrane?

With more than 32+ million records from over 8,200 journals and ‘grey literature’ from over 2.4 million conference abstracts, Embase includes unique non-English content and coverage of the most important types of evidence, such as randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical trials, Cochrane reviews and meta- …

What is the difference between PubMed and Cochrane?

Whereas PubMed as an unfiltered source of primary literature comprises all different kinds of publication types occurring in academic journals, The Cochrane Library is a pre-filtered source which offers access to either synthesized publication types or critically appraised and carefully selected references.

Does Embase cover PubMed?

Results: The results showed that using Embase as a supplement to PubMed resulted in a coverage of 66,994 publications out of 86,167 and a coverage rate of 77.7, 95% CI [75.05, 80.45] of all the included publications.

What are Cochrane clinical answers?

Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs) provide a readable, digestible, clinically focused entry point to rigorous research from Cochrane Reviews. They are designed to be actionable and to inform point-of-care decision-making.

What are Cochrane trials?

The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) is a highly concentrated source of reports of randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials. In addition to bibliographic details (author, title, source, year, etc) CENTRAL records often include an abstract (a summary of the article).

What is Embase used for?

Embase (often styled EMBASE for Excerpta Medica dataBASE) is a biomedical and pharmacological bibliographic database of published literature designed to support information managers and pharmacovigilance in complying with the regulatory requirements of a licensed drug.

Are Cochrane reviews indexed in Medline?

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Included in MEDLINE® he National Library of Medicine (NLM) has been indexing the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews) for MEDLINE since Summer 2000.

Is Cochrane Database good?

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews provides an excellent source of good quality systematic reviews which are considered the gold standard of evidence based information. All literature is critically appraised, and only studies that meet certain quality targets is included.

Is MEDLINE and Index Medicus same?

Index Medicus (IM) is a curated subset of MEDLINE, which is a bibliographic database of life science and biomedical science information, principally scientific journal articles.

Are MEDLINE and PubMed the same?

MEDLINE is the largest subset of PubMed. You may limit your PubMed search retrieval to MEDLINE citations by restricting your search to the MeSH controlled vocabulary or by using the Journal Categories filter called MEDLINE.