Does freedom give free phones?

Customers can now get a smartphone for free with the carrier’s Big Gig Unlimited plan. According to Freedom’s website, you pay “$0 upfront, $0 extra each month, and $0 extra at the end of our standard two-year commitment.” You also get to keep the phone after the 24-month contract is over.

Who is the carrier for Freedom Mobile?

Freedom Mobile Inc. is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications….Freedom Mobile.

Formerly Wind Mobile (2009–2016)
Industry Mobile network operator
Founded December 16, 2009
Founder Anthony Lacavera
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Is Freedom Mobile Shaw?

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, which operates in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, has close to two million wireless subscribers, making it the country’s fourth-largest mobile carrier. Critics have said that allowing it to be acquired by Rogers would lead to higher prices for consumers.

What phones work with straight talk?

With Straight Talk’s Keep Your Own Phone program, you can get Straight Talk service on your current phone, as long as it is compatible with our KYOP program. Compatible phones include AT Compatible phones, T-Mobile Compatible phones, Sprint Compatible Phones, as well as most GSM and CDMA Unlocked phones.

What Towers does freedom use?

Like many other carriers, Freedom Mobile partners with other networks—namely, Bell, Rogers, and TELUS, to provide customers with coverage outside of Freedom’s network. When it comes to reliability, Freedom Mobile’s network falls behind the likes of Bell, TELUS, and Rogers.

Does freedom have a trade in program?

The Freedom Mobile Trade- In Program is available only through Freedom Mobile’s corporate stores and through participating Freedom Mobile dealers. To find a Freedom Mobile corporate store or a participating Freedom Mobile dealer, go to

Where is freedom phone made?

The Freedom Phone has the tagline: “Made for conservatives by conservatives.” Turns out it’s actually made by a Chinese company called Umidigi that’s based in Shenzhen.

What cell towers does Freedom Mobile use?

What phones are not compatible with Straight Talk?

In short, the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE and newer iPhones that are compatible with Verizon will work with Straight Talk’s Verizon towers and support the Voice Over LTE technology required to use their Verizon towers. The iPhone 5s and older iPhones are no longer compatible.

Who does Freedom Mobile piggyback off of?

Does freedom have unlimited calls?

Speeds reduced beyond 50GB Freedom Nationwide + U.S. Unlimited calls to U.S. Unlimited incoming calls in Canada/the U.S. Canada/U.S.