Does Qantas still fly 717?

QantasLink operates a fleet of 20 Boeing 717-200s, with 11 of the 20 planes currently flying. The Boeings seat between 110 and 125 passengers and despite their age remain a dependable workhorse of the broader Qantas domestic fleet. Here’s a snapshot of where the 717s are flying today.

Is Qantas still flying the A380?

Qantas resumed flying the A380 between Sydney and Los Angeles in January. The freshly refurbished A380s (which all aircraft currently plying the Sydney – Los Angeles route are) seat 485 passengers across four cabin classes, including 14 passengers in the first class cabin located at the front of the main deck.

How many Qantas A380 have been refurbished?

The airline has already refurbished six; VH-OQD, VH-OQG, VH-OQH, VH-OQI, VH-OQJ, and QH-OQK.

How many A380 Do Qantas have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Airbus A380-800 12 484
Boeing 737-800 75 174

What is a B717 plane?

The Boeing 717 is an American twin-engine, single-aisle jet airliner, developed for the 100-seat market. The five-abreast airliner was designed and originally marketed by McDonnell Douglas as the MD-95, a derivative of the DC-9 family.

How many planes does Virgin Australia own?

According to airline database, Virgin Australia has 74 Boeing 737s in its fleet. That includes 72 Boeing 737-800s and a pair of Boeing 737-700s.

Does Qantas have any A380s?

The first Qantas Airbus A380 has officially returned to passenger service after a nearly two-year hiatus, with VH-OQB taking to the skies as QF11 from Sydney – LAX.

What is Qantas biggest plane?

Qantas A380
Qantas A380 | Qantas US.

How old are are Qantas 717?

20.2 Years
Fleet Matrix

Aircraft Type Current Avg. Age
In Service
Airbus A320-200 11 17.3 Years
Boeing 717 18 20.2 Years
Boeing 717-200 18 20.2 Years