Does Space Leeds have a dress code?

Very much a student club, Space has no dress code, no bad vibes and lots of drinks offers.

Can you wear trainers to space Leeds?

Leeds is generally a very laid back city If you want to stay on the safe side and avoid being turned away, it’s best to avoid wearing trainers, even if they are fairly smart.

What music does Space Leeds play?

Last year it was voted the most crime ridden club in Leeds, it’s the kind of club where the only songs they play are the Top 40 sped up with a dubstep drop superimposed in. Most common is Adele: “and I set fire to the raaaain… WOMP BOMP BOMP, DUDUDUDUD”.

Where is good for a night out in Leeds?

Clubs in Leeds

  • Mint Club. One of the most famous clubs in the country, let alone in Leeds, Mint Club plays host to some of the biggest artists in the UK.
  • Cuckoo. 356 user reviews.
  • Hashtag Parties Leeds.
  • Queens Court.
  • Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen.
  • Revolucion de Cuba Leeds.
  • The Backroom.
  • Distrikt Bar.

Why do some nightclubs not allow trainers?

“Sometimes clubs are reluctant to allow groups of people in and that’s based on security and health and safety regulations,” Moynagh said. “If the club’s reaching maximum capacity, or they believe a group may be a risk, or too rowdy, then they may claim that’s a health and safety concern.”

Can you wear trainers in popworld?

Dress code: Smart/casual, no sportswear, shoes no trainers, dark jeans/smart work attire is fine!! The venue reserves the right of admission.

Can you wear shorts in Leeds?

As much as you should know about the stuff to wear as per Leeds nightlife dress code, you should also be aware of the stuff to avoid completely. So, try not to dress in caps, shorts, ripped t-shirts and even slippers. If you decide to go casual, make sure its high end.

Can you wear Nike in a club?

Yes they’ll be perfectly fine.

Why did Space Ibiza close?

It had to close its doors in October 2016 due to the expiration of the site’s lease after 27 years of amazing memories, throwing a closing party that made the history books. The building has since been taken over and transformed into Hï Ibiza, sister venue to open-air club Ushuaïa located in Playa d’en Bossa.

Is Leeds good for clubbing?

Known for its gigantic student population, Leeds is a young city with a creative scene unlike any other… and when it comes to music and partying, it’s no different! Packed full of huge nightclubs, spacious and unique venues and so much more, there’s something for everybody to fall in love with on a night out here.

Is Leeds a good night out?

Leeds. Rooftop bars, dive bars, sports bars, independent bars, cocktail bars, gin bars… OK, now the nightclubs… yes, put simply Leeds has it all, plus the atmosphere is good-natured which is a huge part of a memorable evening on the town.