Has a non American ever won the Medal of Honor?

Since the American Civil War, hundreds of people born outside the United States have received the medal, the most recent of these recipients being Pedro Cano and Jesus S. Duran who received their medals in March 2014 for actions performed during World War II and the Vietnam War respectively.

Who has won the most military crosses?

Military Cross
Total Including further awards: George V: c. 43,500 George VI: over 11,500 Elizabeth II: c. 750
Total recipients Over 52,000
Military Cross ribbon: without bar, and with one and two bars
Order of Wear

Who said a dead man Cannot be awarded Military Cross?

“Sam Bahadur & Military Cross”. Field Marshal (Then Captain) Sam Manekshaw, MC, Was Posted In Burma In The 1942 Campaign At The Sittang River With The 4th Bn, 12th Frontier Force Regiment.

How much is a Victoria Cross worth?

Vice-Admiral Gordon Campbell, whose First World War heroics fighting a U-boat earned a Victoria Cross which sold for an auction record £700,000 hammer price (£840,000 with premium) at Morton & Eden in London.

What is the difference between the Victoria Cross and the Military Cross?

The two were awarded for “gallantry in the field,” the only difference being that the MC was for officers (although not above the rank of captain), and the MM for other ranks. In both cases, additional awards are indicated by silver bars worn over the ribbon.

Which Regiment was Sam Manekshaw?

4/12 Frontier Force Regiment
Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was born on 3 April 1914 in Amritsar. His father, Hormusji Manekshaw, was a physician. He joined the Indian Military Academy in July 1932 in an act of rebellion against his father. Two years later, he was commissioned in the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment.