How can I increase my fertility in Anno 1404?

Certain islands can have new fertilities for specific goods added to them. A question mark will be listed in the fertilities display to indicate this. To add a new fertility you must purchase the appropriate seeds from either Northburgh or Al Zahir. Then socket the item in the island warehouse and activate it.

How do you make a spice farm in Anno 1404?

Details. The cost for a spice farm is five hundred gold coins, five wood, and two tools. For full production speed, at least four spice fields must be planted for twenty-five gold coins apiece. That brings the total cost for a fully functioning spice farm up to six hundred gold coins, five wood, and two tools.

What does Anno 1404 Venice add?

Venice is an add-on pack featuring 300 new quests, 60 new items and a series of new scenarios based around Venetian culture. There’s also a new island type (Volcano) adding to the trading and tactical possibilities of your old European and Oriental cultures.

How do you upgrade citizens in Anno 1404?

To advance to the next class of population, the following requirements must be met:

  1. All needs must be met and in Green (Very Well Satisfied)
  2. Taxes must be set to their lowest possible value (Dark Green, resulting in Euphoric)
  3. There must be an adequate “base” or proportion of lower classes.
  4. The house must be full.

Does Anno 1800 have combat?

In order to engage in combat with any enemy faction, the player has to first declare war on said faction via the Diplomacy menu (middle button below the minimap). Alternatively, another faction may declare war on them.

Is Anno 1404 Difficult?

This is Game is hard. Very pretty ‘n’ all, and I’ve played Anno 2070 before(which seems much easier). I’ve started continuous game about 5 times now, and I still seem to get left behind – even though I slow game right down when I’m doing stuff.

How do you increase patricians in Anno 1404?

Typically you would only be paying one wood, one tool, and four stones for the actual upgrade from a citizen house to a Patrician house. Patrician houses can be upgraded to nobleman houses for one wood, one tool, three stones, and four glass once there is a population of 1190 euphoric patricians in your settlement.

How do you get envoys in Anno 1404?

To obtain these you need to buy more gifts from richard and bring them to the grand vizier. You will also need a certain amount of nomads to. Once you have envoys they will again be demanding more and more goods but all of these goods are quite profitable and more envoys give more noble titles.

How do you increase influence in Anno 1800?

Gaining influence At the start of the game a limited amount of influence is automatically available, the amount depends on influence difficulty. You can increase the influence pool by increasing your global population and number of investor residences.

How do I buy shares in Anno 1800?

To purchase a share, simply scroll over to a rivals island, and in the top center of the screen will be a pie-chart icon. Click on it, and you will be taken to a screen that shows the available shares and the factors determining their price and the return you would receive on the investment.

How do you fast forward in Anno 1404?

You can hit the “+” key to speed the game up, but have to use F11 to get to the slowest speed. The game defaults to normal speed; all numbers per time on this wiki (e.g., Production chains’ gold/minute) are for normal game speed, unless otherwise stated.

What kind of houses did patricians live in?

Patricians. The patricians could afford a country estate “villa” as well as a comfortable house in the city “domus.” In the fourth century, Rome had 45,000 insulae and only 1,800 domus. Homes were generally made of brick. Many had red tile roofs.

What is Anno 1404 dawn of discovery?

This is for the game Anno 1404, Dawn of Discovery, where you are a budding ruler, building up an empire on a chain of islands. This is an interesting game, mainly because it is by itself in terms of historical period and it’s genre, empire building with a dash of real time strategy involved.

Is it worth it to build date plantations?

The maintenance costs of Date Plantations are very expensive at 45 gold. They sell very poorly when trading, making them the worst tradeable good in the game. Don’t build more than is needed.

Is this item compatible with Anno 1404-history edition?

This item is incompatible with Anno 1404 – History Edition. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Anno 1404 – History Edition. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

How many envoys does a date plantation feed?

Basic Oriental food. Each plantation feeds 450 Nomads or 600 Envoys. The maintenance costs of Date Plantations are very expensive at 45 gold. They sell very poorly when trading, making them the worst tradeable good in the game.