How can I see Tabroom results?

Viewing Results

  1. Log into your tabroom account and go to your school record.
  2. Find the tournament you want to view results for and click Results.
  3. On the right are a number of options.
  4. The Show Results button will be where aggregate results are posted, such as “Entries in Order” style results.

What is rank on Tabroom?

In all individual events, you will rank students 1st to 6th, (1st being the best in the round). No ties are allowed. Please record the Rank on the comment sheets, along with notes for the students. The ranks must be recorded on the Cover Sheet as well.

What is Tabroom com?

Tabroom is a project of the National Speech & Debate Association. The Tabroom system can pair and tabulate IE, Congress, Debate, and Worlds Schools formats. It handles public pairings, enables judges to enter decisions and scores online, and publishes and track results all online.

How do I get my Tabroom school record?

Just click the “Record” link next to the tournament you’re interested in to see your results from that tournament.

How do you get NSDA points on Tabroom?

On the “Main” tab of each event’s settings, you’ll see an option for “NSDA Points” – choose the appropriate NSDA event type for each of your tournament events, and your tournament’s results will be automatically posted for NSDA points.

What does bye mean on Tabroom?

wins by forfeit
A team that wins by forfeit (or bye) will receive average speaks and ranks.

How do you judge a Tabroom?

To offer yourself as a hired judge at an upcoming tournament with this feature enabled, click the “Offer Hired Judging Rounds” link in the Sidebar. Fill out a number and click “Offer” – you will then be notified whenever your rounds are approved or claimed.

How long is a Lincoln Douglas debate?

LD debate follows the basic time schedule 6 – 3 – 7 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 3. Each debater gets thirteen minutes of total speaking time, and three minutes of question time. The rounds take approximately 45 minutes in total.

What does Bye mean on Tabroom?