How did Gowan end up with Styx?

His career was taking off in Canada in the 1980s with hits including “(You’re a) Strange Animal,” “Moonlight Desires,” and “When There’s Time (For Love),” He later went from opening for Styx, to joining the band for 53 dates (replacing original singer Dennis DeYoung, who went solo) to becoming a permanent member.

Is Lawrence Gowan married?

Janice GowanLawrence Gowan / Spouse

How old is Lawrence Gowan?

65 years (November 22, 1956)Lawrence Gowan / Age

How long has Gowan been with Styx?

20 years
Having first established himself as a multi-platinum-selling Canadian rock star through the ’80s and ’90s with hits like “A Criminal Mind” and “(You’re a) Strange Animal,” Gowan has been a member of Styx for more than 20 years.

What band did Gowan join?

StyxLawrence Gowan / Music group (Since 1999)

Who is the lead singer of Styx now?

Mark: You’ve had an incredible 18 year solo career, and this year marks your 18th year with Styx, that’s a pretty outstanding resume.

How much is Gowan worth?

Lawrence Gowan net worth: Lawrence Gowan is a Scottish-Canadian musician who has a net worth of $12 million. Lawrence Gowan was born in Glasgow, Scotland in November 1956….Lawrence Gowan Net Worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Keyboard Player
Nationality: Canada

Where is Larry Gowan from?

Glasgow, United KingdomLawrence Gowan / Place of birth

How old is Tommy Shaw?

68 years (September 11, 1953)Tommy Shaw / Age

Who is Suzanne DeYoung?

About the Author. Author Suzanne DeYoung has been married to rock star Dennis DeYoung for over 33 years. They have two children, CarrieAnn and Matthew.

Who is the keyboardist for Styx?

Dennis DeYoung1972 – 1984
Lawrence GowanSince 1999James YoungSince 1970John Curulewski1970 – 1975

Lawrence Henry Gowan (born 22 November 1956) is a Scottish-Canadian musician, born in Glasgow and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Gowan has been both a solo artist and lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Styx since May 1999. His musical style is usually classified in the categories of pop and progressive rock.

Is Gowan still performing?

Gowan has been both a solo artist and lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Styx since May 1999….

Lawrence Gowan
Instruments Vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, piano
Years active 1974–present