How do I apply for housing at UW Whitewater?

Online Application – University Housing Applications are 100% online for Returning Students! From our Housing Deposit Forms to our Specialty options applications, everything can be done via Housing Portal. Simply log into our Housing Contract and start the application to begin the process.

What is Wisconsin Whitewater known for?

Warhawk Athletics In 2014, UW-Whitewater made history as the first NCAA institution to win national championships in men’s football, basketball, and baseball in a single year; the Gymnastics team also brought home a national championship in the same year.

How many students live on campus at Whitewater?

4,000+ students live on campus.

How long do people stay in college dorms?

At many colleges and universities, you will need to live in the residence halls for your first year or two of college. A few schools require campus residency for all four years. Even if your school allows students to live off campus, consider the pros and cons of living on campus before making a final decision.

Is Whitewater a Division 1 school?

The Whitewater Warhawks last year won Division III national championships in the three marquee college sports — football, basketball and baseball — a single-season trifecta never before achieved at any level in NCAA history.

Is Whitewater Wisconsin a college town?

Whitewater Wisconsin is a very small college town. The University is a good school, everything is almost near walking distance. There a multiple food places to eat at on and off campus.

What is Uwgb acceptance rate?

89.8% (2020)University of Wisconsin-Green Bay / Acceptance rate

What is UW Whitewater acceptance rate?

79.9% (2020)University of Wisconsin-Whitewater / Acceptance rate

Why do freshmen have to live on campus?

Some colleges argue that living on campus is critical for students, especially freshmen, because it allows them to fully participate in all of a school’s activities, social networks and academic support while fully immersing the student in the school’s culture.

Can you stay in your dorm during winter break?

Commonly, dorms will remain open during all of the shorter breaks (Fall break, Thanksgiving break, etc.) but many close down completely during the winter break, and all students will be required to vacate.

Is white water a d2?

The University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Warhawks (casually known as the UW-Whitewater Warhawks or Warhawks) are the athletic teams of the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. Twenty Warhawk athletic teams compete in NCAA Division III.

Which d3 school has the most national championships?

Colleges with the most NCAA championships

Rank School Titles
1 Oklahoma State 34
2 Southern California 26
3 Denver 24
4 Iowa 23