How do I become a Microsoft certified partner?

9 steps to get started partnering with Microsoft for US Partners

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Manage your membership.
  3. Activate your referrals, IURs and more.
  4. Access training and work toward a competency.
  5. Build a cloud practice.
  6. Utilize sales and marketing resources.
  7. Program incentives.
  8. Support is just a click away.

Does Microsoft have any partnerships?

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is for all partners in our ecosystem, whether they build and sell services, software solutions or devices, and is focused on proficiency in six solution areas aligned with the Microsoft Cloud: Data & AI (Azure) Infrastructure (Azure) Digital & App Innovation (Azure)

What it means to be a Microsoft partner?

A Microsoft partner is an official vendor offering Microsoft-related services and products, such as cloud services, software applications, solutions deployment, and dedicated support.

How much does a Microsoft partner cost?

Annual investment: The Microsoft partner membership is free, but an annual investment is required in all other partnerships. The Action Pack costs $475.00 per year, the Silver membership costs $1850, while the Gold membership costs $5260 annually.

What are the levels of Microsoft partners?

There are three tiers levels partners can achieve which each carry different requirements: Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

How many Microsoft partners are there?

The program consists of 100,000’s of partners, vendors and service providers that build or sell solutions based on Microsoft products.

How do I become an Office 365 partner?

Finally, it will give you access to our 9 step guide to becoming a Microsoft Partner.

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Choose your solution area(s)
  3. Get your membership.
  4. Find the right licensing agreement.
  5. Build your team.
  6. Train your team.
  7. Find and manage your customers.
  8. Build your practice.

Is Microsoft a partnership or corporation?

Microsoft is a corporation today, but I started off as a partnership between Bill Gates and his boyhood friend, Paul G. Allen. They founded Microsoft in 1975 in their hometown of Seattle. A partnership is a voluntary association of two or more persons to act as co-owners of a business for profit.

What are the benefits of Microsoft partner?

Benefit packages include allocations of licensed software, cloud services, Visual Studio subscriptions, and technical support. Benefits packages can also include Go-To-Market resources, offers, and market-related programs. You can get Action Pack subscription details on the Microsoft Partner Network site.

What are the benefits of being a Microsoft partner?


  • Get Azure credits over and above $100 monthly credit. Redeem additional Azure credits of up to $12K if you are an active Gold or Silver Cloud platform partner.
  • SQL Server 2016 Internal-Use Rights for Action Pack and Competency Partners.
  • Microsoft Online Services.

What are the benefits of becoming a Microsoft partner?

How many partners does Microsoft have?

For more than 40 years, we have been a partner-led company, which is proven by fact that we generate more than 95 percent of our business through our robust and constantly evolving partner ecosystem. Today, Microsoft has more than 64,000 cloud partners — more than AWS, Google and Salesforce combined.