How do I become an addiction counselor in DC?

To qualify, individuals must complete degrees at the associate’s level or higher. They must also take Board-mandated coursework, complete a supervised practice requirement, and pass two examinations: a national addiction counseling examination and a jurisprudence examination.

How much does an addiction counselor make in Maryland?

The average salary for a substance abuse counselor is $26.39 per hour in Maryland.

How much does a drug and alcohol counselor make in Delaware?

The average salary for a drug & alcohol counselor in Delaware is around $37,210 per year.

How do I become a CAC in DC?

The Board certifies applicants that have obtained an associate or bachelors degree in a health or human services related field; have the required number of supervised experience hours in the addiction field; and have successfully passed the required examinations.

How much does a CSC ad make in Maryland?

What Is the Average CSC Ad Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Maryland $59,618 $4,968
New York $58,604 $4,884
Nebraska $58,423 $4,869
Virginia $57,656 $4,805

What is the job description of a substance abuse counselor?

Job Summary: The Substance Abuse Counselor will provide counsel and support to patients suffering from drug or alcohol dependency, educate families in the best ways to help in the recovery process, and work with both inpatient clients and those participating in outpatient programs.

How do I become a substance abuse counselor in Maryland?

The CSC-AD applicants must complete a 1,000 hour internship. The CAC-AD certification does require the applicant to complete at least 2,000 hours of supervised work experience in the substance abuse counseling field. LGADC applicants will need to complete a 1,000 hour internship under a Board approved supervisor.