How do I check my marathon results?

During the race, live and unofficial results are available at Features include leaderboards, map tracking, and an individual runner search that can be shared on Twitter.

Who won the Brooklyn Marathon?

The overall winner of the men’s category for the full marathon was awarded to Aaron Mora with a time of 2 hours and 27 minutes and 46 seconds, and Hirut Guangul was awarded the overall winner of the women’s category in the full marathin with a time of 2 hours 36 minutes and 20 seconds.

Is Brooklyn Marathon Hilly?

The first half of the course is a little hilly as you head out and back along Flatbush Avenue with a loop if Prospect Park snd then it’s pretty flat for the last 7 miles as you head straight out to Coney Island along Ocean Parkway. It really is a fun race!

Do you get a medal for Brooklyn Half Marathon?

PRIZE MONEY & AWARDS The NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon is offering over $100,000 in prize money and awards. Any athlete is eligible for awards or prize money by entering the race.

Why are Kenyans so good at running?

Kenya, for instance, is a mountainous country with the Great Rift Valley running through it from North to South. With plateaus reaching an average height of 1,500 meters — or 4,921 feet — above sea level, Kenyans get to experience “high-altitude training” daily, and such an environment lends itself well to running.

What is the fastest someone has run a marathon?

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge set an official world record for men of 2:01:39 on September 16, 2018, at the 2018 Berlin Marathon. His run broke the previous world record by 1 minute and 18 seconds, the greatest improvement over a previous record since 1967.

How much does the Brooklyn half marathon cost?


Current Pricing (Through March 14th)
Half Marathon $148.50 $165.00
Full Marathon $184.50 $205.00
Virtual Option 50% of above $85.00

Is Brooklyn Half Marathon hard?

The Brooklyn Half touts itself as the largest half marathon in the world- and it would not surprise me that this is true! The course, while not super easy at the beginning due to the hills in Prospect Park (and then followed by monotonous miles on Ocean Parkway) is still one of my favorite races of the year.

What is a good half marathon time?

Running a sub 2 hour or 1:59:59 half-marathon means maintaining an average pace of 9:09 minutes per mile, which is considered a respectable half-marathon time among runners. Highly competitive runners aim for harder targets, like a 1 hour and 30-minute half-marathon (6:51 minutes per mile pace or faster).

How many weeks should you train for a half marathon?

12 to 16 weeks
How Long Is a Typical Half Marathon Training Schedule? As a first-timer, plan for 12 to 16 weeks of training from start to finish. This will allow you to build your endurance, strength, and confidence for the first 4-6 weeks, then complete the eight-week half marathon training plan to bring you right up to race day.

Why are Jamaicans so fast?

The most scientific explanation thus far is the identification of a “speed gene” in Jamaican sprinters, which is also found in athletes from West Africa (where many Jamaicans’ ancestors came from), and makes certain leg muscles twitch faster.