How do I connect my D Link DCS-930L?

Attach the power supply to the power receptor located on the back of the DCS-930L and connect it to a wall outlet or power strip. Power is confirmed when the Power LED is lit. If using an Ethernet connection, connect the included Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port located on the back of your camera.

How do I setup my Dlink IP camera?

Step 1: On your smartphone or tablet, make sure you turn on Bluetooth and connect via Wi-Fi to the wireless router you want to connect the camera to. Step 2: Launch the mydlink Lite app on your device. Step 3: Tap Add a New Camera. Step 4: On the QR Code Setup screen, tap Yes.

Can I use a Dlink camera as a Webcam?

The DCS-1000 only operates on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet. You maynot use it as a Webcam.

How do I setup my Dlink camera without WPS?

How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Camera on mydlink Lite Without Using WPS

  1. Select ‘Ready’ when the Power LED on the back of the camera blinks orange.
  2. Now enter your camera’s Wi-Fi Network and Password which can be found on the device, the quick install card or on the box.

Can I use Dlink camera without WiFi?

Answer: The camera feed can be viewed directly by IP address over an internal network even without Internet access. The Android and iPhone mydlink Lite apps have a “Local” devices option that will show the camera feed provided the phone is connected to the same wireless network (i.e.: WiFi, not 3G\4G cellular).

How do I connect my D-Link camera to WiFi without WPS?

How do I connect IP camera without WPS?

  1. Place the camera next to your router and connect it to the router with the included network cable.
  2. After some seconds a connection LED on the camera switches to green, which indicates that the camera is connected to the network.

Can you view Dlink camera on PC?

To make home monitoring a truly simple experience, we created so you can access your live camera feed from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device, anytime. You can monitor on-the-go… even if you don’t have access to a computer!

Will Dlink work with Windows 10?

Mydlink only supports Windows OS, and Mac OS. Please ensure your operating system and browser are supported before using the mydlink cloud services at Windows 10 users, please also note that Microsoft Edge is not supported. Please use IE 11, Chrome, or Firefox.

Why is my D-Link camera not connecting to WiFi?

If your camera is still not working, please Reset the camera and run the install setup again. To reset the camera, use a paper clip and then press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and release.

Can I use Dlink camera without Wi-Fi?

What is the dcs-930l camera?

The Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-930L) is a complete surveillance solution for your home or small office. It can connect to your network using Wireless N, so you can place it anywhere in your home, and it even includes motion detection.

How do I set up the mydlink Wireless N network camera (dcs-930l)?

The mydlink-enabled Wireless N Network Camera (DCS-930L) comes with everything you need to quickly add a surveillance camera to your home or small office network. It works right out of the box. Simply connect the cables, plug in the camera, run the short installation wizard and setup is complete.

What is the D-Link dcs-930l user manual 46 Section 4?

D-Link DCS-930L User Manual 46 Section 4 – Security D-Link’s DCS-930L is a versatile and cost effective Network Camera offering both video and audio monitoring. It can also serve as a powerful surveillance system in security applications.

How do I adjust the audio settings on my dcs-930l?

D-Link DCS-930L User Manual31 Section 3 – Configuration Audio This section allows you to configure the audio settings for your camera. Note:Please wait a few seconds for the camera to adjust the audio after making changes. Audio Settings: Volume Settings: You may Enableor Disablethe camera audio feed. Select the desired volume percentage level.