How do I connect my Garmin to Strava?

Transferring an individual activity file from Garmin Connect to Strava:

  1. Login to Garmin Connect and select the “Activities” link to give you a list of all your uploads.
  2. Select the activity.
  3. Upload the .
  4. To upload files in bulk, select up to 25 files at a time.

Why won’t my Garmin sync to Strava?

When your Garmin Connect data isn’t syncing over to a third-party app (e.g., Strava, MyFitnessPal, Zwift, etc.), it is most likely an error of consent for data sharing between the two.

Can I sync Garmin with Strava?

Connect your Garmin device to get an array of Strava features that you can use on the go. Once you’re connected, activities uploaded to Garmin Connect via bluetooth or computer will automatically sync to Strava so you can streamline your workout routine.

How do I transfer Garmin activity to Strava?

If your Garmin device is Bluetooth-enabled, you can download the Garmin Connect Mobile app, create a Garmin Connect account, and link to your Strava account by going to Settings > Connected Apps > Strava. Accept the “Upload your activities from Garmin Connect to Strava” permission when authorizing accounts.

How do I manually upload my Garmin to Strava?

Uploading a Garmin file

  1. Select “Choose Files” from this page on the Strava website.
  2. Navigate to /Garmin/garmin/activities or /Garmin/Activity.
  3. Select the file (it will end in . fit or . tcx).
  4. Press “Open”.

If you own an older Garmin that doesn’t sync with a smartphone, or you like to work using web apps, you can also pair Strava and Garmin together via the browser dashboards. 1. First you’ll need to get Garmin Express to sync your device with your PC/Mac and have a Garmin Connect account.

How to use Garmin Connect on Android and iOS devices?

Step 1: First, Download & install the Strava app on your phone. In case you don’t have a Strava account already, then create one. Step 2: Now, Open the Garmin Connect App on your Android or iOS smartphone. Step 3: Then, open the app drawer by tapping the Three lines on Android or selecting the More option from the bottom right on the iOS device.

How do I link my Strava account to my Device?

Hit the Menu button and choose Settings > 3rd Party Apps . 4. Choose Strava from the list and then press Get Started. You’ll be asked to log into Strava. When that’s done, your accounts will be linked.

Why can’t I upload my data to Strava?

If uploading the file yields an error message, for example, “bad time data,” the file may be incompatible with Strava as is. To refresh the connection between Garmin Connect and Strava, disconnect Garmin Sync from your Strava settings, then reconnect.