How do I declare a parameter optional in VBA?

The Optional keyword must be present to make a parameter optional. The data type should be (but need not be, see below) a Variant data type. The optional parameter(s) must be at the end of the parameter list. The IsMissing function will work only with parameters declared as Variant .

How do you indicate an optional parameter?

To indicate optional arguments, Square brackets are commonly used, and can also be used to group parameters that must be specified together. To indicate required arguments, Angled brackets are commonly used, following the same grouping conventions as square brackets.

Can parameters be optional?

You can use optional parameters in Methods, Constructors, Indexers, and Delegates. Each and every optional parameter contains a default value which is the part of its definition. If we do not pass any parameter to the optional arguments, then it takes its default value.

Are optional parameters bad practice?

The thing with optional parameters is, they are BAD because they are unintuitive – meaning they do NOT behave the way you would expect it. Here’s why: They break ABI compatibility ! so you can change the default-arguments at one place.

What is optional arguments in VB?

When you call a procedure with an optional parameter, you can choose whether to supply the argument. If you do not, the procedure uses the default value declared for that parameter. When you omit one or more optional arguments in the argument list, you use successive commas to mark their positions.

What is ParamArray in VBA?

ParamArray allows you to pass an arbitrary number of arguments to the procedure. A ParamArray parameter is always declared using ByVal. You can supply one or more arguments to a ParamArray parameter by passing an array of the appropriate data type, a comma-separated list of values, or nothing at all.

When adding optional parameters in a parameter list what is a valid requirement?

When adding optional parameters in a parameter list, what is a valid requirement? The parameters must appear to the right of all mandatory parameters.

What is optional in VB net?

What are the differences between mandatory parameters and optional parameters?

A mandatory parameter must be explicitly given on the command-line, otherwise an error message will be printed to prompt the user to re-enter the command. If an optional parameter is not specified, the default is used.

Should a method return optional?

An Optional type can be a return type for most methods except some scenarios discussed later in the tutorial. It’s also appropriate for a static method or utility method to return an Optional value. However, there are many situations where we should not return an Optional type.

Why do we need optional in Java?

By the way, here is how Optional is described in the Java SE 11 documentation: “ Optional is primarily intended for use as a method return type where there is a clear need to represent ‘no result,’ and where using null is likely to cause errors.

What is optional in a function declaration?

A function declaration tells the compiler about the number of parameters function takes, data-types of parameters, and return type of function. Putting parameter names in function declaration is optional in the function declaration, but it is necessary to put them in the definition.