How do I email a file in Unix?

4 Ways to Send Email Attachment from Linux Command Line

  1. Using mail Command. mail is part of the mailutils (On Debian) and mailx (On RedHat) package and it is used to process messages on the command line.
  2. Using mutt Command.
  3. Using mailx Command.
  4. Using mpack Command.

How do I test mail in AIX?

Test your sendmail connection.

  1. To test sendmail with a mail command, run this command: echo “This is a test mail”|mail -v -s “this is the subject” [email protected].
  2. To test sendmail through telnet, run this command:

How do I use mail command in terminal?

Use the clause of mail to end the mail, the type “-s” to specify the subject, type the recipient email address, press the ENTER key, it will ask for the CC (carbon copy) give it or skip it by pressing the ENTER key, type the message, you want to communicate and finally press CTRL+D to send the message.

What command is used to send mail from a Unix system with attachment file XYZ txt to user ABC?

To send an attachment from the email, use uuencode command.

What is a send mail command?

The sendmail command receives formatted text messages and routes the messages to one or more users. Used on a network, the sendmail command translates the format of a message’s header information to match the requirements of the destination system.

What is the mail command?

The mail command is a Linux tool, that allows a user to send emails via a command-line interface. To take advantage of this command, we need to install a package named ‘mailutils’ .

How does the mail command work in Linux?

How does the mail command work? It is important to know how the command is working. The mail command of the mailutils package invokes the standard sendmail binary to send the mail to a specified destination. It connects to the local MTA, which is a local running SMTP server that supports mails on port 25.

How do I use mail utility in Linux?

Specify the sender name and address To specify the additional information with the mail command, use the -a option with the command. Execute the command as follows: $ echo “Message body” | mail -s “Subject” -aFrom:Sender_name\ recipient address.

How to use mail command in Unix?

The basic functionality of the mail command in unix or linux system is to send an email to the user. echo “Mail body” | mail -s “Mail subject” [email protected] Here the echo statement is used for specifying the body of the email. The -s option is used for specifying the mail subject.

How to specify the body of an email in Linux?

Here the echo statement is used for specifying the body of the email. The -s option is used for specifying the mail subject. The mail command sends the email to the user [email protected] 2. Specifying the body in a file You want to compose a mail which contains 100 lines in the body.

What version of sendmail is used in Aix 7?

Starting with AIX® 7 with 7200-04, the sendmailcommand uses Sendmail version 8.15.2. The sendmailcommand can be run by a new smmspuser and smmspgroup instead of the root user for enhanced security.

How do I attach a file to an email in Linux?

Attaching files. The mail command does not provide an option for attaching files. There is a workaround for attaching files using the uuencode command. Pipe the output of uuencode command for attaching files. 1. Viewing all the received emails Simply type the mail and then press enter to view the received emails.