How do I find out if my family was on the Mayflower?

The new verified records, which include over 1 million images, are searchable at and The three partnering organizations started the project in 2017 and announced it last February at RootsTech, the largest family history conference in the world.

Who was James Chilton of the Mayflower?

James Chilton (c. 1556 – 1620) was a Leiden Separatist passenger on the historic 1620 voyage of the ship Mayflower and was the oldest person on board. Upon arrival in the New World, he was a signer of the Mayflower Compact. James Chilton was one of the earliest to die that winter, perishing within the following month.

How did John Howland fell off the Mayflower?

Howland boarded the ship as a servant of Carver, the first governor of the New Plymouth Colony, but he almost never made it to the New World. He fell overboard in the middle of the Atlantic during a gale but grabbed a trailing rope and was hauled back aboard by sailors using boat hooks.

How many descendants of the Mayflower are alive today?

35 million Mayflower descendants
But for how many? There are a few estimates out there, all of them quite high. According to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, there are “35 million Mayflower descendants in the world”.

Who was the first person to step off the Mayflower?

Faunce, then 94 years old, was the son of a settler who had arrived in Plymouth only three years after the Pilgrims. Legends soon became attached to the rock. According to one of them, John Alden was the first colonist to set foot on it.

Who was the oldest pilgrim?

James, at the age of 64, was the oldest person known to have made the Mayflower’s voyage. James died on 8 December 1620 onboard the Mayflower, which was then anchored off Provincetown Harbor–one of six passengers to die in the month of December. His wife also died sometime the first winter, but daughter Mary survived.

How is John Adams related to the Mayflower?

John Adams Born in Massachusetts in 1735, a little more than a century after the Pilgrims’ arrival, America’s second president was a descendant of John Alden, a Mayflower crew member, and Priscilla Mullins, who traveled aboard the ship with her parents and a younger brother.

Which Mayflower passengers is John Lithgow related to?

On the show Finding Your Roots, Lithgow discovered that he is a descendant of eight Mayflower passengers, including colonial governor William Bradford. Because of his father’s job, the family moved frequently during Lithgow’s childhood.

How is John Adams related to John Alden?

John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were the 3rd great grandparents of President John Adams and the 4th great grandparents of President John Quincy Adams. They are also the 9th great grandparents of Vice President Dan Quayle.

How many generations of the Mayflower family are there?

index. Revised indexes to Mayflower families through five generations (Francis Eaton – Samuel Fuller – William White) — Supp. Peter Brown of the Mayflower and his descendants for four generations — v. 5. Edward Winslow by Ruth C. McGuyre & Robert S. Wakefiled; John Billington by Harriet W. Hodge — v.

When was the first edition of the Mayflower genealogy?

This edition was published in 1975 by General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, MA. v. 1. Families: Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller, William White v. 2. Families: James Chilton, Richard More, Thomas Rogers

Was James Chilton on the Mayflower?

When the Mayflower Compact was drawn up on 11 November 1620, Chilton was one of the signers. [19] James Chilton died on 8 December 1620, while the Mayflower lay anchored in Provincetown Harbor. [20]

Who compiled the family of James Chilton?

Family of James Chilton / originally compiled by Robert Moody Sherman and Verle Delano Vincent ; revised by Robert S. Wakefield. Family of Richard More / compiled by Robert Moody Sherman, Robert S. Wakefield, and Lydia Dow Finlay