How do I get a copy of my GED certificate in Michigan?

First time test takers receive their initial diploma and transcript FREE if ordered within the first 12 months of the date completed. Documents can be delivered electronically via email or through fax, USPS first class, or priority express mail. Duplicate diploma requests are $17. Duplicate transcript requests are $17.

How can I get my GED online?

How the Online GED Test Works

  1. Perform a system test to make sure your computer, webcam and internet connection meet the requirements for testing online.
  2. Schedule your online test within 60 days of scoring ‘green’ on a GED Ready practice test.
  3. Log in to 30 minutes before your test appointment to launch your test.

How do I get my GED Online in Michigan?

Michigan GED online To qualify for taking the GED exam online, you need to attain scores in the “Likely To Pass” (or green) zone of the official GED Ready test. There are four GED Ready tests (one for each GED subtest) that are available on the official GED website ( for $6.99 each.

How do I get a copy of my high school diploma in Michigan?

The Department of Education will have records for current and past high schools, and they should be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you get your diploma. Be ready to give them your name, the name of your high school, the town your school is or was located in, and the year you graduated.

How can I obtain a copy of my high school diploma?

Call or email the school district directly and tell them that you need a copy of your diploma. Again, they should have records for every student that went to school in your district. They should be able to send you a copy of your diploma no problem.

How do I get a GED?

You will need to log into your GED ® account to schedule your test. You will then need to choose which test or tests you want to take. The GED ® has 4 separate tests for the following subjects: language arts, social studies, science, and math. You can schedule the test as soon as possible or at a later date.

Where can I get my GED in Michigan?

To find out the application process and price for the Michigan GED, contact your local testing center. Information on the location of Michigan GED testing centers is available on the internet at by following the links to Career Preparation and Adult Education, and Program/Enrollment.

How can I verify my high school diploma online?

The National Student Clearinghouse now offers verifications of high school diplomas through DiplomaVerify℠.

  1. Who can use DiplomaVerify?
  2. Choose the Request Type.
  3. Enter the Individual’s Information.
  4. View a Verification.
  5. Understanding the Verification.
  6. How DiplomaVerify Differs from DegreeVerify.
  7. Searching for Past Verifications.