How do I get CocoaPods?

  1. Just in case readers come here looking for how to check their version of CocoaPods, the answer to that is type pod –version in bash. – Bradley Thomas.
  2. $ cat Podfile.lock command to trace package version. – pqteru.
  3. You can add grep command to the above comment, to filter a specific pod.

Which cocoa pod is best?

Top 10 Best CocoaPods

  • #1 Alamofire. 35,006 stars. Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift.
  • #2 Charts. 23,713 stars. Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX!
  • #3 lottie-ios. 20,853 stars.
  • #4 ReactiveCocoa. 19,932 stars.
  • #5 RxSwift. 19,450 stars.
  • #6 Kingfisher. 17,835 stars.
  • #7 SnapKit. 17,152 stars.
  • #8 IQKeyboardManager. 14,785 stars.

What is POD cocoa?

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How do I know if CocoaPods is installed on my Mac?

To find if Cocoapods is installed or not run cmd (pod –version). if theresult is (Not Found) Pods is not installed.

How do I remove CocoaPods from my Mac?

How to remove CocoaPods from Xcode Project

  1. Open terminal on your Mac. In terminal navigate to your Xcode Project directory with cd.
  2. In terminal type: sudo gem install cocoapods-deintegrate cocoapods-clean.
  3. In terminal type: pod deintegrate.
  4. In terminal type: pod clean.
  5. In terminal type: rm Podfile.

Which country has the best quality cocoa?

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How long do CocoaPods last?

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What’s the difference between cocoa powder and cacao powder?

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Where do you put pod pods?

6 Answers

  1. In terminal change the directory to your project directory containing *.xcodeproj.
  2. Run open Podfile. Which opens the Podfile in textEdit.
  3. Add pod’CorePlot’, ‘~> 1.4’ to it and save.
  4. Run pod install — NOTE* that is **pod update if already installed.

Why we use CocoaPods in IOS?

Cocoapods is an application level dependency manager that runs on objective-c, swift, and any other programming languages that run on Objective-C. It focuses on source-based distribution of third party code and allows automatic integration to your Xcode projects.

What is @CocoaPods?

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It has over 87 thousand libraries and is used in over 3 million apps. CocoaPods can help you scale your projects elegantly.

How do I list dependencies in CocoaPods?

Search for pods (above). Then list the dependencies in a text file named Podfile in your Xcode project directory: Tip: CocoaPods provides a pod init command to create a Podfile with smart defaults. You should use it. Sometimes CocoaPods doesn’t yet have a pod for one of your dependencies. Fortunately, creating a pod is pretty easy:

How do I install @CocoaPods on macOS?

CocoaPods is built with Ruby and is installable with the default Ruby available on macOS. We recommend you use the default ruby. Using the default Ruby install can require you to use sudo when installing gems.