How do I install NetBackup administration console?

0.1 locate NetBackup_8. 3.0. 1_Win. zip.

  1. Navigate to the directory where you have chosen to download the files and extract the files.
  2. Run Browser.exe:
  3. On the initial screen, click Installation.
  4. Select NetBackup Java Remote Administration Console Installation.

How do I access NetBackup administration console?

Starting the NetBackup Administration Console

  1. Log on to the NetBackup server as the Administrator.
  2. Click Start > Programs > Veritas NetBackup > NetBackup Administration Console.
  3. To begin configuration, on the Administration Console, click Getting Started.

How do I download NetBackup Client?

Click Updates to view all software updates associated with this version of the product. Click the Update name to view the full details of the update and to download its files. Check the box next to each file that you wish to download, then click Download. The Download button will appear once you check the first file.

How do I install NetBackup client on Windows?

Log on as administrator on the host where you want to install the client software. Insert the NetBackup for Windows DVD in the drive. If Autorun is disabled, navigate to the DVD drive and run Browser.exe. Navigate to the directory where the images reside and run Browser.exe.

What is Openv?

Solution. The /usr/openv/netbackup/hardlink_info directory is used on each client to facilitate the restarting of incomplete checkpoint backups.

What is NetBackup Client?

A server protected by NetBackup is known as a NetBackup client. NetBackup software installs on a server known as a media server. During backups, the client sends data across the network to a NetBackup media server, which selects the correct storage media as a backup target.

What is media server in NetBackup?

Media servers provide additional storage by allowing NetBackup to use the storage devices that are attached to them. Media servers can also increase performance by distributing the network load. Media servers can also be referred to as device hosts.

What is BP conf file in NetBackup?

Server and client names on UNIX servers and clients. On both UNIX servers and clients, the SERVER entries in the bp. conf file define the NetBackup servers that are allowed access. The first SERVER entry identifies the master server. The first SERVER entry indicates the server to which client requests are made.

What is Openv NetBackup?

What is new NetBackup?

NetBackup 10 also expands immutable data protection capabilities for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Seagate Lyve Cloud. On-premises protection is available with NetBackup Flex and Flex Scale appliances, Cloudian HyperStore and Hitachi Content Platform. The software supports more than 60 S3-compatible clouds.