How do I log into my LifeLabs account?

Log in with your my ehealth™ log-in credentials and enjoy! If you don’t remember your my results™ password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Login page. Enter your email and a chosen password. You will use these credentials to sign in to your account in future.

How do I get my lab results online BC?

Your Provincial Resources

  1. Health Gateway provides British Columbians with secure access to a single view of their health information.
  2. MyCareCompass (Lifelabs) can be used by British Columbians aged 16 or older to access most lab results and book appointments at Lifelabs.

How long does it take LifeLabs to post results?

LifeLabs is committed to the confidential timely release of accurate test results consistent with the requirements of our patients, Health Care Providers (HCP) and Public Health. Chemistry, Coagulation, Hematology, Urinalysis routine tests generally have turnaround times of 24 hours after receipt in the laboratory.

Why can’t I log into LifeLabs?

Password Reset Go to and click ‘Need help logging in or account locked? ‘ Enter your registered email address, and press SEND. An email will immediately be sent to your registered email address.

How do you use the LifeLabs app?

Using our App:

  1. Download and launch the app from your smartphone.
  2. Tap the location you want to visit.
  3. Enter the following information: Preferred name. Phone number. Email (optional)
  4. Tap “Check In” 5 Verify confirmation page and select “Done”

Can I view my ultrasound results online Ontario?

Patients at Niagara Health are among the first in the province who can access their diagnostic records such as an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound through Ontario trusted account, a unique patient digital identity service on the Niagara Health Navigator mobile app.

How do I get my swab test results?

You may find your PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)/ ART (Antigen Rapid Test) test results in HealthHub. Click on Health eServices and login via SingPass. The test results will usually be available within one to two days of your swab test.

What blood tests take the longest to get results?

The following Blood tests will take longer:

  • Diabetes blood test (Hba1c) – 1 week.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis blood test – 1 week.
  • Coeliac blood test (endomyssial antibody) – 2 weeks.
  • Vitamin D blood test – 3 weeks.

How do I change my LifeLabs password?

Password Reset

  1. Enter your registered email address, and press SEND.
  2. An email will be sent to your registered email address.
  3. Within 24 hours, open the “My ehealth Password Reset” email and click on the link provided.
  4. Answer the security question that is displayed and press VERIFY.

Is there a LifeLabs app?

Save my Spot™ is the latest enhancement to our digital patient experience, and is the first LifeLabs mobile app for patients. Powered by Net Check-In, a digital technology by ICS, Save My Spot™ provides patients with greater flexibility by allowing them to decide how and where they spend their time.