How do I look up a court case in Delaware?

The Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas and Justice of the Peace Court now offer the ability to access civil case information online 24-hours a day through CourtConnect. CourtConnect allows access to civil dockets by: searching a person’s name, business name or case type.

How do I look up someone’s record in Delaware?

Delaware criminal records can be found online through their court search website. You can search by name, case type, and other filters. Criminal records can also be found through third-party websites that have access to criminal databases.

Are Delaware criminal records public?

Delaware Public Records This is in accordance with the Delaware Freedom of Information Act, which ensures government information and records are available to the public.

What circuit is Delaware in?

States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit serves the areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the Virgin Islands.

Are criminal convictions public?

Answer. Yes, most (but not all) criminal court records are accessible to the public. Public access. In the United States, criminal records, like most criminal proceedings, are generally considered public.

How do I get my criminal record in Delaware?

A Criminal History Background Check is obtained through fingerprints. You will need to bring a photo Identification. A Driver’s License, School ID, or State ID would be sufficient. It is not required to be a Delaware License.

What is Delaware nickname?

Blue Hen State
The Diamond StateThe First StateThe Small Wonder
Delaware’s official nickname is “The First State”. This name was adopted as the official State nickname on May 23, 2002 following a request by Mrs. Anabelle O’Malley’s First Grade Class at Mt.

What is a weird fact about Delaware?

Delaware has more shoreline than the US Virgin Islands and Guam combined. We’ve got 381 miles of shoreline thanks to our marshes, bays, and streams. The US Virgin Islands have 174 miles of coast, and Guam only has 110 miles of coast.

How to find Delaware court records?

– e-File – it’s fast and easy and available 24/7. – Fax – you can fax your filings to 740-833-2499. – Mail – your filings may be mailed to the Clerk of Courts, 117 North Union Street, Level 300, Delaware, Ohio 43015 – In-person – please visit our office to drop off your case filings and filing fees, if fees apply.

How do I look up my court records?

To access electronic case information for attorneys,see view electronic case information through the Attorney Portal

  • To find judicial calendars,see view court calendars
  • To get a copy of your divorce record,please see Get a copy of your divorce record
  • To find old court records,please see Accessing Court Archives .
  • Where can I find free public court records?

    Criminal court records

  • Summons and complaints
  • Arrest records
  • Civil court records
  • Family court records (such as marriage,divorce and custody)
  • Bankruptcy court records
  • Land deed records
  • What courts are in Delaware?

    Standing Order No. 6 Concerning COVID-19 Precautionary Measures.

  • Justice of the Peace Court Form 50 Procedures update. Effective Monday,November 30,2020 the Justice of the Peace Court will implement new procedures and a new option for filing
  • Justice of the Peace Court Increase Civil Jurisdiction to$25,000.
  • Constable Sales Public Meeting.