How do I make my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 discoverable?

Press and hold the Connect button on the underside of the device. If your device has a battery indication light, it will blink green/red to indicate the device is discoverable. In the Bluetooth program, use the option to add a new device.

Why is my Microsoft wireless mouse not working?

Change the batteries if wireless, try another USB port, reset mouse from button on bottom if available. Try the mouse in another PC to isolate if it’s the mouse or Windows causing this. Try another mouse in this PC to confirm if Windows is the problem.

How do I connect my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse?

Pair your mouse with Bluetooth On your Windows 10 PC, select Connect if a notification appears for your mouse, then wait for it to get set up. Don’t see the notification? Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth > Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse > Done.

Why is my Microsoft wireless mouse blinking red?

There are many reasons why we have a flashing red light on a Microsoft wireless mouse. The mouse’s software may need an update, you’re battery may need to be replaced or recharged, you’re wireless device may be connected to a non working port, something may be interfering with the wireless mouse.

How do I connect my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 to my Mac?

Connecting a Wireless Mouse

  1. Open System Preferences from the Dock and click the Bluetooth button. Turn Bluetooth On.
  2. Click the Set Up a New Device button.
  3. Power on the mouse and hold it a few inches from your Mac.
  4. When your mouse appears in the list, click Continue to finish the pairing process.

Where is the reset button on the Microsoft 3500 mouse?

Locate the reset button. This is typically located on the bottom of the mouse or next to the batteries on the inside.

How do I connect my Microsoft wireless mouse 3000?

Press and hold the connect button on the bottom of the mouse to make it “discoverable” by the computer then try to connect it. If you still don’t get the signals or the laser does not glow on the computer, it could be because the mouse is not defective.

How do I reset my Microsoft wireless mouse 5000?

On your keyboard, press the Windows key and X at the same time, then click Device Manager. Expand Mice and other pointing devices. Right-click your wireless mouse and click uninstall. It should ask to restart your computer and once it restarted it will update the missing driver on your device.

How do I connect my Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000?

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 not working

  1. insert receiver into usb port.
  2. turn on mouse by pressing on switch on its bottom.
  3. with receiver still in usb port, press connect button with pen. (I had to lift up my laptop to do this.)
  4. if necessary puch cinnect button on mouse with pen.

Why is my wireless mouse flashing red and green?

If your device has a battery indication light, it will blink and alternate between red and green to indicate that the device is discoverable.

What does orange light in mouse mean?

The orange light in the corner of an HP’s touchpad indicates that the touchpad has been turned off. This is the latest in various computer manufacturers’ attempts at providing some relief to the problem that new laptop owners have with jumping cursors during typing.