How do I open FreePBX GUI?

Login to the PBX Graphical User Interface (“GUI”)

  1. Using another machine on your same network, open a web browser and enter the IP address of your PBX.
  2. You will now be asked to create a user to log into FreePBX GUI.
  3. On the main landing page select the PBX Administration tab to log into FreePBX.

How do I access FreePBX command line?

To access the command prompt, log-in to the machine where you installed FreePBX/Asterisk using your “root” username and password. You can do so by accessing the keyboard of the machine where you installed FreePBX, or remotely using an SSH client such as Putty.

What OS does FreePBX run on?

The FreePBX Distro Linux distribution is based on CentOS, which maintains binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

How do I connect to FreePBX?

Ready for FreePBX Now?

  1. Download the ISO file and burn to a CD or DVD.
  2. In its BIOS menu, configure the computer that will serve as your FreePBX server to boot from a CD or DVD.
  3. Insert the CD or DVD into the computer and turn it on.
  4. Follow the FreePBX system prompts as it installs and restarts the computer.

How do I download a FreePBX backup?

This procedure is completed in five steps:

  1. Log in to the FreePBX web UI (primary server)
  2. Set up or confirm backup job (primary server)
  3. Download the backup file (primary server)
  4. Restore the backup file (secondary server)
  5. Test the secondary server.

How do I run FreePBX on VirtualBox?

Install FreePBX Asterisk Server

  1. Select the virtual machine you just created in the VirtualBox Manager GUI.
  2. Click Start. You will see this window prompting selection of a startup-up disk. Navigate to “SNG7-FPBX-64bit-xxxx-2.iso” on your PC and click Start.

How do I add extensions to FreePBX?

FreePBX: Add Extension

  1. Application > Extensions.
  2. Select + Add Extension. Add a new SIP [Chan_pjsip] Extension.
  3. General Extension Info. User Extension: Extension Number. Display Name: Name of user.
  4. Voicemail. Enabled: Yes. Voicemail Password: Create strong pin.
  5. Submit and apply config.

How do I find my FreePBX IP address?

Finding IP Address

  1. Method 1: Vega Scanner.
  2. Method 2: Ping Sweep.
  3. Method 3: DHCP Server logs.
  4. Method 4: No DHCP Server: Stateless Autoconfig.
  5. Method 5: Find IP From FXS Ports (Analog Vega i.e. Vega50/5000/3000G/3050G/60G)

How do I install FreePBX on Google cloud?

[How-to] Install Freepbx distro (with commercial modules) on Google (cloud) Compute Engine

  1. Create new virtual Machine: Name: Type: Linux.
  2. Set memory.
  3. Create virtual hard drive now.
  4. VDI.
  5. Dynamically allocated.
  6. Set the size (at least 20 G)
  7. Select the VM and click start.
  8. Select (attach) the iso and click start.