How do I reset my Power Commander?

To reset the throttle position click on “Power Commander Tools” and then select “Set Throttle Position. To reset both the closed and open throttle positions, first make sure that the bike is communicating to the computer, then click on “Reset”. Twist the throttle wide open and release. Now click OK.

How do I reset a Power Commander 5?

They only last about 10 minutes.

  1. Under “Tools” menu, select the “Environment Options” menu.
  2. The “Environment Options” dialog opens.
  3. At the bottom of the Environment Options box, the “Reset Power Commander” button will now appear.
  4. Click the “Reset Power Commander” button.

How do you program a Power Commander?

Hold down all three buttons on the face of the Power Commander unit and turn on the bike’s ignition. Release all the buttons once the engine is idling normally. The Power Commander manual recommends waiting approximately 20 seconds before making any adjustments.

How do I reset my PC3?


  1. Turn the unit off.
  2. Press and hold EXIT while you turn the power on (you can release the Exit button once you see the boot loader menu). You will see:
  3. Press [SYSTEM RESET]
  4. Press [RESET]
  5. You will be brought back to the main boot loader menu – press [RUN PC3]

Does a Power Commander increase horsepower?

The Power Commander is a tuning tool to adjust fuel, and on some models ignition timing. Just adding a Power Commander to a completely stock vehicle usually does not increase peak horsepower. It usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Does Power Commander V have AutoTune?

Easy to Use Our Autotune technology is actually embedded in the Power Vision and easy to enable. This makes it easier than ever to upgrade your riding experience, and if you change your combination of parts, simply re-enable Autotune to dial in your tune.

Does Power Commander have an app?

Extending the flexibility of Dynojet’s latest tuning software, C3 Mobile allows you to communicate and adjust your installed Power Commander V. Available free on Google Play. Features include: • Download and Send maps.

How much HP does a Power Commander add?