How do I reset my RAC database?

Stopping and Starting RAC Services

  1. crsctl start crs.
  2. crsctl start res ora.crsd -init.
  3. srvctl start nodeapps -n racnode1.
  4. srvctl start nodeapps -n racnode2.
  5. srvctl start asm -n racnode1.
  6. srvctl start asm -n racnode2.
  7. srvctl start database -d RACDB.
  8. srvctl start listener -n racnode1.

How do I start and stop Oracle RAC database 12C?

To start-up or shut down your local instance, initiate a SQL*Plus session connected as SYSDBA or SYSOPER, and then issue the required command (for example, STARTUP). You can start multiple instances from a single SQL*Plus session on one node by way of Oracle Net Services.

How do I start a RAC instance?

Start or Stop the Instance of database: command start/stop the Particular|all instances with services. Check the database status all instances must be stopped. Note: Need to assign the service to pluggable database for manage start or stop of PDB database.

How do I start a RAC standby database?

Below are the steps to create a RAC standby database for a RAC primary database. Step 1: Add the following standby parameters on the primary database. fal_server=’srpstb’ #oracle net service name of standby database. Step 2: Create a pfile of the primary database and copy this file to the standby server.

How do I start and stop Oracle Clusterware?

To stop Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM instances on all nodes in the cluster, you can enter a single command: crsctl stop cluster -all . Note: The crsctl stop crs command is used to stop Oracle Restart services for single-instance databases.

How do I start an instance with Srvctl?

SRVCTL Command: For Instance

  1. SRVCTL for Instance.
  2. To add the instance Command: srvctl add instance -d db_name -i inst_name -n node_name Example: srvctl add instance -d racdb -i rac01 -n lnxrac1.
  3. To Remove the instance Command: srvctl remove instance -d db_name -i inst_name Example: srvctl remove instance -d racdb -i rac01.

How do I start RAC in upgrade mode?

From the unzipped patch, run the runInstaller file on 10gnode1. Select the 10g Database home that needs to be upgraded and verify the home path. Once the patch has been applied, the installation would recommend you to run script from the 10g Database home as ROOT user. Run the script on both the nodes.

How do I shutdown a database in Oracle 12c?

To shut down and restart the database instance, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal window as the oracle user.
  2. Log in to SQL*Plus as the SYSDBA user.
  3. Issue the SHUTDOWN command to close the database and shut down the instance.
  4. Issue the STARTUP command to start the instance and open the database.

How do I start a standby database in read only with apply in RAC?

To open a standby database for read-only access when it is currently performing managed recovery:

  2. Open the database for read-only access: SQL> ALTER DATABASE OPEN READ ONLY;

How do I create a standby redo log?

Perform the following steps to configure the standby redo log.

  1. Step 1 Ensure log file sizes are identical on the primary and standby databases.
  2. Step 2 Determine the appropriate number of standby redo log file groups.
  3. Step 3 Verify related database parameters and settings.
  4. Step 4 Create standby redo log file groups.