How do I select multiple checkboxes in Firefox?

Click and drag the mouse over checkboxes to select them in bulk. If selecting multiple checkboxes, all will be selected.

How do I select multiple checkboxes?


  1. Press and hold the Shift key.
  2. Select the first checkbox you want to select.
  3. Select the last checkbox you want to select.
  4. Release the Shift key.

How do I download YouTube videos using Firefox addons?

Download YouTube videos using Firefox add-ons

  1. Go to YouTube and play the video you would like to download.
  2. Below the video – near the subscribe to this channel button, you will see a green DOWNLOAD AS a button.
  3. Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear.

How do you tick all boxes at once?

Click the first checkbox, press and hold Shift, then click the last checkbox. Everything in between will change its state to what happened to the first checkbox, if it was checked everything else will be checked, if it was unchecked on click then everything in the range will uncheck.

How do you check all boxes on a page?

Step 1: Right Click on your web page, then click on Inspect or Press F12. Step 2: Select Console from the menu bar. Step 3: Copy any of the above-provided javascript code snippets and paste into the console and then hit enter. Hope your all checkboxes are checked.

How do you check all checkboxes in HTML?


  1. document. getElementById(‘select-all’). onclick = function() {
  2. var checkboxes = document. querySelectorAll(‘input[type=”checkbox”]’);
  3. for (var checkbox of checkboxes) {
  4. checkbox. checked = this. checked;
  5. }

What is the best YouTube Downloader for Firefox?

Top 10 Video Downloaders for Firefox

  • Video Downloader Professional.
  • 1-Click YouTube Video Download.
  • Easy YouTube Video Downloader.
  • Flash and Video Downloader.
  • Video Download Pro.
  • My Video Downloader.
  • Video Downloader.
  • Savieo: Free Video Downloader.

How do I download YouTube extensions?

First, download CrossPilot from the Chrome Web Store. Then, visit the Addoncrop website and go to YouTube Video Downloader Page. Click the Install through CrossPilot button on the left side. Grant the required permissions, and you’ll see the extension downloaded in your browser.

How do I check all checkboxes on a website?

How do I select multiple checkboxes in HTML?

Definition and Usage

  1. For windows: Hold down the control (ctrl) button to select multiple options.
  2. For Mac: Hold down the command button to select multiple options.

How do I select all checkboxes in react?

find( item => === isChecked = e. target. checked; } this.

How do I see all checkboxes in pages?