How do I update my Swami GPS watch?

Click the Update Tool button to download the Izzo Update utility.

  1. Once downloaded, launch the tool and connect your Izzo Swami device to your computer via USB cable.
  2. Click Update Firmware and the tool will download the required files on your device.

How do I update my Swami 5000 GPS?

To run a update you will: turn on the unit, plug it into a windows computer, go to, click on product support, click on update tool next to desired unit, save/run .exe file, and update the course.

Can the swami 4000 be updated?

***Note: The Swami 4000 GPS unit can store around 35,000 course files, but our course database has grown over 38,000 courses. Updating your unit may cause you to lose some courses due to it’s storage capacity. * Note: Course updates are no longer supported on the Swami 3000.

How do you reset Izzo Swami?

If this approach does not work and the device does not respond to any key presses, try doing a hard reset. Press and hold the ˄ [Up] button and – [Page ] button simultaneously. While holding them down, press and release the Power/Enter button once to turn off the device.

How do I update my swami 6000?

It is worth bearing in mind that the 6000 like all previous Swami GPS devices can be updated via their website. The update tool is quite easy to use. You simply connect your GPS to your computer via the USB charger lead and follow the on screen instructions.

How do I turn off Swami 6000?

To turn the unit off, use the [Up] and [Down] keys to select Power Off then press and release the [Enter] key. After you turn on your unit, select Play option from Start Menu and press [Enter]. The Swami 6000 will search for surrounding courses that the device supports.

How do I update Swami 6000?

How do you use a swami 6000?

The Swami 6000 allows the user to view the last 10 saved scores. Press the [Enter] key to select Score History. Use the [Up] or [Down] keys to select the score you would like to view, then press [Enter] to select. Press the [Page] key to return to the Settings Menu.