How do I use Vuforia in Unity?

Activating Vuforia in Unity To activate Vuforia in your Unity project, access the Player Settings from Edit > Project Settings > Player and select the tab for the mobile device you are building to. Under XR Settings, tick the Vuforia Augmented Reality Support checkbox.

Does Vuforia work with Unity 2020?

The Vuforia Engine package can be added to a Unity project from a Git URL. The package will automatically add the latest Vuforia Engine version to your Unity project.

Is Vuforia free for Unity?

If you’re new to augmented reality and want to play around with Vuforia Engine, this free option is for you. You can also deploy Unity apps that take advantage of our Ground Plane, Device Tracker and Stereo Rendering features for free without a License Key.

How do I make AR with Unity Vuforia?


  1. Enable Vuforia Augmented Reality in XR settings in Player Settings.
  2. Create a Developer Key in Vuforia Developer Portal.
  3. Copy and paste this license key to Vuforia Config file in Unity Editor.
  4. Delete Main Camera, Delete Directional Light.
  5. Add Vuforia>AR Camera to the hierarchy.

Is Vuforia free?

Yes, it is free to build and publish apps that use the Vuforia Engine with a BASIC plan. However, If you want to publish an app with Model Targets and Area Targets, you will need a PREMIUM plan.

What is Vuforia Unity?

Vuforia Engine 10.6 Use Vuforia Engine to build Augmented Reality Android, iOS, and UWP applications for mobile devices and AR glasses. Apps can be built with Unity, Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio. Vuforia Engine can be easily imported into Unity by downloading and double-clicking the . unitypackage below.

Is vuforia free?

Is Google ARCore free?

And that’s why Google has released an in-depth introduction into the creation of ARCore applications, completely free of charge. Available now via Coursera, Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore is a 15-hour class diving deep into the specifics of AR development on Google’s increasingly powerful ARCore platform.

Is Vuforia compatible with Unity?

Vuforia Engine 10.6 Apps can be built with Unity, Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio. Vuforia Engine can be easily imported into Unity by downloading and double-clicking the . unitypackage below.

Does Vuforia use ARCore?

Vuforia Engine can leverage Google’s ARCore on devices that support it. Take advantage of ARCore for Ground Plane and Device Tracking (including Extended Tracking) features. You can enable Vuforia Engine to use ARCore instead of using Vuforia’s own plane-finding technology.

Can you use Vuforia in Unity?

Vuforia Engine in Unity. As of 2017.2, Unity integrates the Vuforia Engine, making it even easier to create cutting edge augmented reality experiences for both handheld and headworn devices. You can learn more about the Vuforia Engine platform at

How do I add Vuforia Engine features to my project?

After activating Vuforia Engine in Unity, you can add features from the Vuforia Engine menu to your project from the Unity GameObject Menu . Please refer to Features Overview for more information on all of the capabilities offered by the Vuforia Engine. You can also add the Vuforia Core Samples from Unity’s Asset Store.

Why is my Vuforia game object not showing up?

Vuforia Engine Game Objects. Vuforia Engine will be visible in the Unity Game Object menu and also in Build Settings and Player Settings. If this menu is not shown, this means that you did not install Vuforia with Unity (Unity versions before 2019.2) or did not add the Vuforia Engine package to your project (Unity 2019.2 and later).

How do I place content on a Vuforia target?

This can also be a simple Cube from GameObject -> 3D Object -> Cube or you can place content from Unity’s Asset Store and even from our Core Samples as pictured above. A Vuforia target is in most cases, a physical print or object. If you have imported the Core Samples, you can find these in /Editor/Vuforia/ForPrint as PDFs.